VGC Top 5 Achievementz and Trophiez

Planning to knock out some trophies or achievements this weekend? VG Chartz has the how-to on some of the hottest games.

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-Alpha3597d ago (Edited 3597d ago )

How does this have 3 approvals when the link is a picture of Modern Warfare 2 box art? Just goes to show you how bad the system is.

GameOn3597d ago

Yeah, I think it's clear some people are approving without even hitting the link.

GUCommander and DRUDOG I'm alooking at choo.

BeardedGamerShow3597d ago

The link is fixed, click away!

_TheSituation_3597d ago

Ya damn straight its fixed. MW2 was easy as hell to platinum. Keep em comin.

3597d ago
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