In Defense of Short Games

One thing Bitmob is disagreeing with a lot these days is peoples' contempt for short games. They think there's a lot more that goes into a game's value than just the time it takes to beat it once.

Wanting to get more for your money makes sense. Only getting about five hours of entertainment for $60 sounds like a rip-off compared to 30 or 60 hours, but what's the real gauge for that time? Is that kind of thinking compatible with every consumer?

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alphakennybody3601d ago

The problem I see today, the media complains when sony released 6-7 hours game ( uncharted,Heavenly sword etc...) on their launch and still complains now when KZ2 came out.Yet when short game like bayonetta and the big franchise like halo 3 and ODst ,COD4 MW2 etc... came out, they turn blind eye and defend it like it should be the standard of gaming . I don't mind short games but at least make it feel like its complete( like the first uncharted it covered everything right and felt like a full game).

3601d ago