Not Gonna Last: How Nintendo is Hurting Itself

The past three years have been kind to Nintendo. After facing obscurity with the semi-disasters in the fifth and sixth generation with the Nintendo 64 and Gamecube, respectively, it seemed Nintendo may be on the rocks. After the 2004 Tokyo Game Show, it seemed even more likely Nintendo was doomed to become the next Sega.

Skeptics pointed to the ridiculousness's of Nintendo motion sensing remote. Oh how wrong those pundits were. Since the consoles launch in 2006, the Wii has sold over 56 million worldwide. Most of Nintendo's new found success has been because the "causal market" and by using effective marketing. But Bitmob thinks this'll hurt Nintendo in the long run, and they are about to tell you why.

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akashifire3603d ago

The casual market drying up? lol. No, the casual market (kids and adults who aren't hardcore) will always be available. The hardcore market would dry up without casuals.

I mean, where do hardcore gamers come from? The casual market.

Mahr3602d ago

"How Nintendo is Hurting Themselves"

Not to split hairs, but you mean to say 'How Nintendo is Hurting Itself', or 'How Nintendo Are Hurting Themselves".

"The past three years have been kind to Nintendo"

Indeed, they have.

"After facing obscurity with the semi-disasters in the fifth and sixth generation that were the Nintendo 64 and Gamecube, respectively, it seemed Nintendo may be on the rocks"

Uh, not to anyone who was paying attention.

I mean, in which of the years of those generations did Nintendo seem to be on the rocks? The year where they made nearly a billion dollars US, or the other year where they made nearly a billion dollars US?

Or the other eight years, each one where they made nearly a billion dollars US?

"And after the 2004 Tokyo Game Show, it seemed even more likely Nintendo was doomed to become the next Sega"

Pray tell, in which year did Sega ever make nearly a billion dollars US?

"Skeptics pointed to the ridiculousness's of Nintendo motion sensing remote."

And I take it those skeptics were wrong?

"Oh how wrong those pundits were."

So, isn't the moral of the story is that we shouldn't listen to pundits?

"Since the consoles launch in 2006, the Wii has sold over 56 million worldwide."

Er, that would be "console's". There's a little thing called an apostrophe that people use to denote possession, among other things and-- you know what, forget it. If I point out every punctuation issue this piece has, I'll be here for days, so I'll just stick to the big ones.

"Most of Nintendo's new found success has been because the “causal market” and by using effective marketing."

Casual. The word is spelled 'Casual'. No one is talking about a 'causal market'.

"But I think this'll hurt Nintendo in the long run, and I'm about to tell you why."

Gee, and here I thought you were just going to stop writing at this point and just walk away, leaving me in suspense as to why. Is it really necessary to declare all about how you're *about* to tell me something? You can't just... tell me? Well, you certainly win the Most Long-Winded Award for today.

"First of all, the causal market will not last forever."

You mean, the *casual* market will not last forever. There is no such thing as a causal market.

"This may be morbid, but the happy old people you see lining Nintendo's ads will die."

And? It's not like happy old people are a scarce commodity. The happy young people you see lining ads of every other product will eventually become old people. And then -- oh my god -- they will eventually die! Time marches on.

"And the house-wives that Nintendo has been so happily relying on is going to get bored with Wii Fit and stash their Wii into the closet."

I find it difficult to believe that you've ever even met a housewife, let alone know anything about them.

"It has already started"

And the evidence of this... is? The sales of Wii Fit plus? No, wait, that sold something like two million copies in one month and is one of the bigger items so far this year. The sales of EA Sports Active? No, wait, that's outselling Wii Fit plus in various places. The sales of Wii hardware in general? No, wait, Nintendo sold 3 million of those just this last month.

"And the causal market is stupid"

That's rich, coming from the guy who's 0 for 3 in attempts to correctly spell the word 'casual'.

"All of the top selling Wii games are published by Nintendo."

This might mean something if you had to be 'top selling' to make money in the games market. You do not, any more than you need to be top spelling to submit stuff to bitmob, apparently.

"Highly rated Mature Wii games just don't sell."

And this might mean something if I needed more than one hand to count them. Maybe two hands, depending on how loosely you mean 'highly rated'.

"Why you ask?"

I don't ask that at all.

"Because what twisted Mom is getting No More Heroes for little Billy."

Is that some sort of exclamation? Like "What hath society wrought on this poor soul!"? Or was that supposed to be a question?

Anyway, here's a question of my own: If No More Heroes did not sell well, why do you think they're making a sequel to it?

"And where is the hardcore market that buys games like Dead Space Extraction?"

If by 'games like Dead Space Extraction', you mean 'rail shooters', the market you're talking about already bought House of the Dead 2+3, Ghost Squad, Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles, Sin and Punishment, and maybe Overkill. Yeah, it's a shame that Extraction fell through the cracks; they should really have capitalized on the lightgun craze sooner.

"Well that leads me right into my next point, but first I'd like to review."

Dude, you've written maybe two paragraphs; not a novel. We don't need to review what you've already said because you just said it thirty seconds ago.

To review: You're not writing a novel, and we don't need to review what you've already said because you just said it.

"The causal market"

Which you're such an expert on that you don't even know what it's actually called, yes.

"is a short lived, short sighted market that can't sustain Nintendo (especially when the next generation starts)."

Uh, short-lived? You should probably define your terms. Like, we're *all* short-lived in the sense of the cosmos, man. Flashes in the pan, candles in the wind, two ships meeting in the night.

In the second place, why precisely would Nintendo need them for sustenance in the next generation?

"So, you ask, why aren't third party games like Madworld selling?"

I don't ask that at all. MadWorld didn't sell because it's a brawler, and the brawler genre is a dinosaur in this age of hack n' slash.

"Because the hardcore audience has abandoned Nintendo because of Nintendo."

Whatever that means.

"It's ironic when you think about."

It's ironic when I think about. Is that some sort of Zen koan?

"A company that had E3 Press Conference that included the phrase “I'm about kickin' ass and taking names and we're about making games” would adopt a squeaky clean image not seen since the Mortal Kombat censoring days all the way back in the 16 bit generation"

You do understand what a "Press Conference" is, right? Tell me, when you see those infomercials late at night, do you actually *believe* when they say the man must be insane for having such low prices?

"I bought a Wii before I got my Xbox 360, thinking it was the best thing ever"

The 'best thing ever'? Either you're exagerrating, or you legitimately thought a game console was the pinnacle of existence.

"Slowly I grew frustrated with Nintendo's increased focus on non-gamers."

So you came to realize that the Wii was not, in fact, the best thing ever. Shocking.

"Two years later and I hardly play on my Wii."

What? You *hardly* play on your Wii? So you're not even enough of a true believer in what you're saying to actually sell the thing?

"Now this isn't all Nintendo's fault, mind you"

I thought you said you abandoned Nintendo because of Nintendo. Of course, since you seem to think you can 'abandon' something without actually getting rid of it or even just not doing anything with it, I suppose I shouldn't be surprised.

"They did their *best* to hype up the Conduit but the game still failed"

Why exactly are we bringing up The Conduit? It was not determined to be a Mature game by the ESRB, and it was not highly rated by anyone. It is not a big surprise when a not-very-good game has not-very-good sales.

"But honestly, we've moved on"

No, I'm pretty sure the people who have moved on are the people who don't play their Wiis at all, or the people who don't even have Wiis anymore.

"When the causal market drys up"

'Casual', but at least this time, you managed to misspell some other word. I believe you mean, 'Dries.'

"Nintendo is going to come crawling back to you, and your going to say no."

I doubt it. Have you seen the sales for games like Mario Galaxy? All Nintendo has to do is release another iteration of Zelda and most of the people complaining about the Wii will return like the rats they are.

It's why you don't do the sensible thing and get rid of the system. On some level, you know that you're going to fall for that sort of thing hook, line, and sinker.

"And I am now brought to my final point"

Is there a good reason why you feel the need to announce this?

"This is the most important point and the most damning."

I said a *good* reason.

"Kids are growing with the Xbox and PS3, not the Wii"

Except for all the kids in the 'causal' market you keep harping about. Do you legitimately believe that children emerge from the womb at the age of ten?

"And that means that Nintendo is not going to have the nostalgia factor they are basing the sales of many of their games on"

Even assuming your point about the kids is correct, reality check: the thing about nostalgia is that it really has no expiration date. There are people still playing Mario games that have been doing so largely based on a title from all of three decades ago, so we have to wait for *them* to die out, and we have to wait for all the people who grew up on Mario 64 to die out, and we apparently have to wait for all the people who grew up on Mario Sunshine to die out, and the millions of kids playing Mario Galaxy and New Super Mario Brothers Wii to die out, so what, we're talking about how this strategy will eventually backfire on Nintendo by 2080?

"Ask any boy over 10 what console they game on, the resounding answer will be the 360 or the PS3."

I assume by your qualification here that you accept that boys 10 and under have been seduced by the first-party titles that you don't actually mention because that would mean acknowledging that your point lacks substance.

"So lets consider this scenario. If Nintendo manages to keep going for the next 13 years based on the causal market"

Casual market. This is what, the sixth time you've misspelled that? You keep-a-knockin', but you can't come in.

"The “old dog” gamers, now in their 30s and 40s, will refuse to switch to the Zii (or whatever the Nintendo console in 13 years will be) after being burned by Nintendo for so long"

Hardly. Nintendo will just release the fourth retread of Ocarina of Time by that point, and they'll come back because they will still genuinely believe that Ocarina was/is the best game ever. They believe it ten years after the fact, and they'll believe it twenty years after the fact, regardless of how well those third-parties do. *That's* nostalgia.

"The 20-something gamers of that generation will be too busy playing Halo 3: Remastered and will feel nothing toward Nintendo."

Except for all the ones who are nostalgic about stuff like Mario Galaxy, the same way most people are nostalgic about Mario 64 or the NES games. Thirty years, bro. Thirty years.

"Nintendo then will either continue in a distant third or go the way of Sega"

I like how this is also assuming that Nintendo doesn't actually do anything. If, assuming your only-vaguely-coherent apocalpyse scenario comes along and the 'causal market' vanishes and the 'hardcore market' as defined by you becomes the sole force in the market, and Nintendo suddenly looks to be in dire straits, what exactly do you think they're going to do with the billions of dollars they've made this generation?

"So lets review, shall we?"

We're reviewing your six hundred word article, a large portion of which is you *already* reviewing it? Are you kidding me?

"Nintendo is relying on a unstable and soon to die causal market"

Casual. Say it with me. In fact, *let's review*!


"while they have been p*ssing off their real fans"

Who are so angry that they won't even get rid of a system they don't even like, yes.

"Thinking the Wii is lame,"

But, not lame enough to actually get rid of, am I right?

"this generation's teenagers go to rival consoles"

Who cares?

"When the causal market dries up"

Oh, so you *do* know how to spell the word 'Dries'.

Just apparently not the word 'Casual'.

"Nintendo will have no where to go but down"

That's the disadvantage of high expectations. The converse is that low expectations mean nowhere to go but up, which is why Nintendo doesn't really need to do much to get all the emo teenagers back in this hypothetical scenario where they abandon the company but don't really.

"I'm not trying to be overly cynical (but I am),"

So, that's what they're calling it these days?

"I'm just expressing my opinion."

You know, if you took out all the times where you feel the need to summarize yourself, and if you took out all the needless asides that don't actually add anything to your point, your article would be about a quarter of the length it is. Just an observation.

"Maybe Nintendo will be able to rely on the grandmothers of the world forever. And maybe I'll become a millionaire."

Good one.

Gr813602d ago

Not that I would have read such untethered garbage. But having you systematically expose line by line for the rubbish that it is was very enlightening.

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eagle213601d ago

Nintendo will be just fine (understatement). 2010 is awesome for Wii. :)