CES 2010: Sony rep says Heavy Rain "blows Uncharted 2 away" (with exclusive video)

From Gamertell:

"Another reporter and I were talking to the representative about how he would categorize Heavy Rain since it appeared to be a more passive experience. When Uncharted 2's action oriented gameplay and graphics came up, the representative said, 'Graphically, it [Heavy Rain] blows Uncharted 2 away.'"

The video on the site includes audio of the conversation with the Sony representative.

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Mista T3605d ago

we all like different genres, though Heavy Rain isn't for me, I see that it will be an excellent game in the eyes of many

I prefer Uncharted 2 gameplay and others may like Heavy Rain better

at the end of the day they're both AAA games that stand out in there genres. (oh BTW what genre is Heavy Rain? LMAO it is very unique and original and something I haven't seen before)

I'll try a demo for Heavy Rain though

umair_s513605d ago (Edited 3605d ago )

PS3 games getting at each another

NateCole3605d ago

Well it is the truth. HR will look better than U2.

bjornbear3605d ago

considering they are both on the same platform =)

now if it was comparing to say, Alan Wake graphics (which it does still blow out of the water) THEN your comment would have a funny, sarcastic after effect ;)

Aquarius3605d ago

ofcourse it does :)

first time I saw this screenshot, I thought it looked real, probably because of the pose

( this is over a year old )

ico923605d ago

i remember the time when ps3 games in terms of quality were being compared to games on other consoles now Lol there being compared among themselves

presto7173605d ago (Edited 3605d ago )

Today one of them is king, tomorrow another one surpasses it, then another, and another. At first it was killzone2, then uncharted 2, now heavy rain (later maybe God of war 3). Keeps goin' higher n higher

Playstation: Pushing the envelop since '94

marinelife93605d ago

They may have a good argument. Unlike DICE.

captain-obvious3605d ago

@ soda
at leats they didn't bash other companies games like microsoft dose

Marceles3605d ago

He's not just a Sony rep, he's demonstrating Heavy's his job to say that. Of course the guy he's talking to isn't going to get in an argument over's just "whatever man..."

sikbeta3605d ago (Edited 3605d ago )

Isn't this Amazing, We're talking about First Party Games that out do each other since every release:


And I'm sure GOW3 will do the same and obviously The Real Driving Simulator = GT5

Gamers FTW!!!

rockleex3605d ago

Especially after seeing those scans from Playstation The Official Magazine.

Udidntlistenpunk3605d ago

360 has Alan wake, a Luigi mansion meets Silent Hill type of game that disappointed millions of 360 gamers last E3 2009.

I know which one Im getting :-)

Hisiru3605d ago

I agree with you. :)

BTW, Heavy Rain is an adventure (point and click)game.

Killjoy30003605d ago

That's Kyle Shubel of SCEA who has worked on the marketing for nearly every first party title. He's not being biased here, he's just telling it how it is. There's no reason to have bias, as he's worked with all of them.

Uncharted 2 is my favorite game of the generation, and crime dramas are my favorite movies of all time, so I really hope he's right.

Lifendz3605d ago (Edited 3605d ago )

when we talk best console graphics we usually only mention PS3 exclusives yet we're STILL getting bad ports like Bayonetta.

DigitalAnalog3605d ago

Better than shooting down "other" devs. *cough turn *cough tee

-Go Figure!

Jamegohanssj53604d ago

I could have told you all this statement.


Bodyboarder_VGamer3604d ago (Edited 3604d ago )

@Soda Popinsky I didn't see you saying that when Turn 10 was dissing GT5 and saying their game was the definitive racing game. And that's just a single example.

Look how this work hypocrite? If humility it's so important to you then let me tell you that you're adopting the worst company of all. MS is well known for their anti-competition business moves and monopoly. Why do you think they are such a powerful company even more than Apple when they screw people up so many times?

RRoD on their consoles
Windows Millenium

And that's just the beginning... MS means Low Quality. period.

vhero3604d ago

hmm but its not got a lot going on at once on the screen so it can concentrate all the ps3's power on pure graphics rather than physics. So in reality it has the power to surpass Uncharted.

BWS19823604d ago

the game is not point and click, but it's an adventure, those are not the same thing. This is not a Myst clone.

thesummerofgeorge3604d ago

It's not a point and click game, get a clue.

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NateNater3605d ago

Blows Uncharted 2 away? Oh really? Thats quite a statement there. Just like how DICE claim BC2 is up to standards with U2 graphically.
I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

TOO PAWNED3605d ago

Calm down kids, hes just doing his job by hyping HR
So transparent, not even worth commenting on but kids on N4G amuse me so i had to say something lol.

lightningsax3605d ago (Edited 3605d ago )

Wait, human resources? Are you sure you don't mean PR?

Hyping HR is kinda like sharpening a ceramic knife sharpener in order to have a duller spoon. It's a division of a company, so you don't need to hype a division, and furthermore it's the wrong division of the company.

Well, on this actual subject, yeah, PR will use hyperbole to the press, especially when it's not completely on-the-record. However, the recent Heavy Rain videos lead me to believe that it's at least a step forward in visuals, if not some megaton bomb.

snipermk03605d ago

He meant HR in short for "heavy rain" dumb ass..

DigitalAnalog3604d ago

It's okay. It's a Sony exclusive against a Sony exclusive. I can sit back and relax.

Now a statement like "Halo: Reach/SCC blows Uncharted 2 away", I may have to get my anti-troll spray.

-End statement

mfwahwah3604d ago

What's so hard to believe? Heavy Rain has looked phenomenal since way back.

Not to mention this is a PS3 game. If it was a Wii exclusive I'd be laughing too. But if Uncharted 2 can pull off good graphics... then... why, exactly, can Heavy Rain not?

I'm including screen shots that impress me. I don't care if you don't consider them UC2 quality, but there's no way to convince me that this game doesn't look damn good.

NateNater3604d ago

I'm sure we'll be hearing "Halo:Reach/SCC blows Uncharted away" very soon anyway.

BWS19823604d ago (Edited 3604d ago )

DICE's comments, they acknowledged UC2 is superior, but that they were reaching to get it that good. They even complimented the game saying that nobody has reached it yet, but said that because their vistas are interactive they feel they're more impressive. Beyond that, DICE gave MAJOR props to Naughty Dog...Why did people walk away from the DICE comment with a lack of truth?

UC2 has the bar, it's time for another to try to raise it. UC2 deserves it for now, but I'm seeing some awesome stuff on the horizon, like Heavy Rain.

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mrv3213605d ago

I'm not surprised.

While in video games you may only see ten guys on a screen at once, Developers don't test that as the limit.

In Uncharted 2 at most you'll see 2 heavies they test for 10 or 20.

In resistance: fom online you may only ever see 1 or two RPG's in a room but they tested it with a full 40 just to make sure it doesn't crash. Simply put Uncharted 2's max will have to be higher than Heavy Rain, so Heavy Rain can use more power.

Plus Heavy Rain is slightly more less gunplay heavy, gunplay requires a lot of power.

Both games look great... let's leave it at that.

Rock Bottom3604d ago

Even with that said, I still think U2 looks better.

mfwahwah3604d ago


Can I borrow your copy of Heavy Rain so I can compare it with Uncharted 2?

I mean, I can't buy my own copy until February 23, so help a brotha out?

Oh, what's that, you're comparing a game that's out with another that you've only seen on youtube? Pfffft.

tomsau3603d ago (Edited 3603d ago )

Alright, first of all, he didn't say "YEAH IT LOOKS SO MUCH BETTER"
He gave a reason why it could be true, a good reason at that =/
2nd, dont assume he's only seen footage on youtube
They had working demos at eurogamer on nice HDTVs

Use that comment on someone who deserves it, I can see a lot of other comments that are saying what you're trying to argue with

[edit] sorry dude, that'll teach me for not reading your comment title, my bad man, please continue ;)
But yeah, he may still have seen it up close and personal

Pennywise3605d ago

It looks great. PS3 exclusive beats a PS3 exclusive in graphics. Seems to be the way of the world since 2007. GG.

Roper3163605d ago

as far as consoles go we all know that it will take a PS3 exclusive to top the PS3 exclusive sitting atop of the graphics hill. I haven't been this excited for a game in many years.

And to the PC gamers I said as far as consoles go,I know PC is and always will be the best if you have the right rig.

cygnuszero3605d ago

The 360 is in about 9 million more homes, and for a good reason, there is a mountain of great games on it. In fact metacritic says there's over 40 more 360 games rated 80 or higher. God luck arguing against that little stat. You can pretend all day, everyone knows what the reality is.

YogiBear3604d ago

Hop back into your DeLorean time machine because you are living in the past.

mfwahwah3604d ago


I'm not going to argue with you. It'd be easy for me to prove you wrong, but I won't.

I want you to reread comment 5 on this page and tell me what the hell your reply has to do with anything?

The comment in question was about PS3 graphics being second to none in the console world, and that PC is king in that department in general. Please, you're making 360 fanboys look bad. At least have a RELEVANT comment to post instead of going to your fanboy comment roll-a-dex.

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