Selling Games to the Wii Core Gamer: A 5-Step Plan

Recently, much has been made of Wii's expanding audience and the obstacles that face publishers who attempt to sell core games to that consumer group. A few company spokespeople have recently gone on record with comments that blame a variety of factors for sluggish sales performance. There's some truth in those comments, but the ultimate conclusion (that Wii's audience doesn't care for core games), is troubling.

The many core gamers who read such reports know full well that there is a significant audience waiting to make future core titles a success, if only publishers give them reason and opportunity. Publishers truly can enjoy a pleasing Wii payday even without enormous marketing and development budgets, but they have to be ready and able to work for it.

Are you a publisher wondering how to break through to the core audience that lurks behind the grandmas and toddlers? If so, pay attention to the following five-step plan.

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NateNater3600d ago

How to sell a Wii game? Simple. Slap Mario on the cover! Wa Hoo!

N4g_null3600d ago

That is the thing Mario isn't on wii fit or wii play nor resort. Only when they fix the game play does a Mario game sell. 3d Mario still needs to be fixed along with Zelda yet I think metroid is going 2.5d.

Also notice how none of the shovelware is selling any more.

Mista T3600d ago

just have it published by Nintendo and you're set

N4g_null3600d ago

A make it fun.

Second you may not have an hd team working on it but there is not too much game play on hd systems that are not possible on the wii.

Return to style and good art.

Is your game fun with out hd?

What games are missing from this gen so far?
Games like battle toads , space shuemups, adventure games and 2d games.
Why not build new fans and make your teams smaller. You will get more ideas and more games with less cost. Then when a game is worthy it gets the hd treatment.

If you look back the nes had many flops that where revisited and became franchises. The wii is here to experiment with. So far that is paying off with nintendo. Also a range of 16-32 bit graphic work just fine.

hatchimatchi3600d ago

make a game worth playing and people will buy it

fatstarr3600d ago

1 make sure the game isnt crap
2 not all games are equal the author is right i think there should be a 9.99$ and 19.99 29.. and so on. games should be priced and marketed by their cumulative review scores no reason why decca sports costs more than muramasa the demon blade. also if its a rail shooter -20$ from price. if its a new ip 19.99 pull a 2dboy especially if you are not gonna hardcore advertise the game.

cod4wii is a good point at this system success is this title
500k no ads or marketing just word of mouth on a 3 yearold game

the wii is 90% owned by dummys, casuals, old and young people that dont know anything about videogames

that leaves oh so many people to buy a game. mind you these sleect people are smart and = your target audience for games. they wont buy crap
they wont buy your rail shooters like casual brainwashed
they just want good solid wii games B- +

i hope Nmh2 and tatsunoko vs capcom become 100k sellers
im buying them on day 1 to support my wii hardcore selection

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