You've Aged Well: Thief

Call it the vicarious supervision of controlled violence. In 1998, gamers got their first chance to slip into the soft-padded boots of Garrett, the eponymous thief replete with his quiver of water arrows. A pivotal force behind the pioneering of the stealth genre, Thief: The Dark Project surprised gamers by eschewing confrontational combat in favor of evasion and subtlety.

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Raf1k13600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

Thief is one of my favourite franshises and TBH I like it more than Splinter Cell or even MGS.

Can't wait for Thief 4

Freak of Nature3599d ago

I agree I cannot wait for Thief 4. I think it's going to surprise people,even those that expect quite a bit from it.

With the extra high ceiling they now have they can really add to the gameplays depth,plus higher end A.I. can give way more potential to creative ways of approach/attack.

One of my most anticipated games coming out...

SnukaTheMan3599d ago

I loved thief....calling people taffers....those creepy devils...great atmosphere.

gaffyh3599d ago

Thief, by far, has the best stealth mechanics over both Splinter Cell and MGS. Can't wait for this game.

gaminoz3598d ago

I so want to play Thief 4! I loved Deadly Shadows.

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EvilCackle3599d ago

I played Thief: Deadly Shadows (the third game in the series) this summer. Really great stuff. I'm looking forward to another installment in the series.

thief3599d ago

Best stealth game ever - the way they handled stealth was brilliant, and excellent story/characters to boot

MagicAccent3599d ago

I enjoyed Deadly Shadows, not as much as the others, but still enough to get that Thief feeling.
It had some great ideas(such as backstabbing and climbing), but it was so dumbed down for consoles that it made my head hurt sometimes.
We've come a long way since then, so I 'really' hope they don't compromise gameplay for the sake of console ports.

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