Sony CEO Howard Stringer Interview

Chrystia Freeland, Financial Times US managing editor, interviewed Howard Stringer of Sony. This is a transcript of the interview, which you may watch here. In this segment Mr Stringer discusses new media.

FT: How is your own online video acquisition fairing?

HS: Oh, Grouper has to get through…we've only had it eight months and I think it's going fine. We have a lot of opportunity to push our content and design content especially for Grouper and obviously the big moment will come when PlayStation 3 is effectively networked. But then Grouper will have an advantage; we'll be able to give it an advantage to networking it over PlayStation 3 and put our own content through it. At the moment it has access to our content but it's going through the teething pains of YouTube, is trying to decide what it can put on the air or what it can't put on the air and, because it's smaller, it's obviously less successful.

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Bill Gates4730d ago (Edited 4730d ago )

I think I'll trust this guy's opinion on the status of the PS3 before I trust some idiotic Xrobot loser. hahahaha

Please don't hate me xrobots. Please, I beg you.

[edit]@nobizlikesnowbiz...... ..YOU KNOW YOU'RE MY B1TCH. NOW GO GET ME MORE MONEY.

nobizlikesnowbiz4730d ago (Edited 4730d ago )

It's hard to like you Billy boy. I mean, with all of the nonsense that spews from your anus oops I meant to say your mouth.

PS- Why would you trust the words of a corporate stiff? I wouldn't trust the words of a M$ spokesperson. Blind faith Billy, nothing more. Keep believing everything everyone tells you. Except things you don't want to hear... it makes a whole lot of sense Bill.

EDIT @ Billy: You have a disease of the mind.

EDIT: I got a f**king disagree??!!?!?! WTF?!?! Whoever disagreed I feel sorry for you don't agree that Bill Gates mouth doubles as an anus for inserting Sony limp d1ck?!?!

Vojkan4730d ago

I remember few months, actually during Christmas, some Japanese guy decided to throw away few thousands(i think) Euros on street(Tokyo), dude just wanted to give money to people(strange but cool dude). I think it was between 3000-4000euros. When he did it two police man(took them few minutes to arrive on the scene) that were nearby arrested him and all of the money was collected! No one took one single bill! People just walked pass money and when police was there they helped them to collect money on street.
Just insane and yet i respect that so much. So i believe everything Stringer said about Japanese and money.

PumPum4730d ago

I dont get how shareholders put up with this guy.
He needs to be fired. I mean come on hes the reason to all sony crap
rootkit,ps3 bad start etc...
I hate him and he doesent know what hes doing.

Vojkan4730d ago

Ken Kutaragi was supposed to get his job, no actually he overtook kutaragis job.

Vojkan4730d ago (Edited 4730d ago )

He didn't say that much about PS3

EDIT:HANDSHADY -hi is neither God nor Devil he is a Jew :-) That is why he is so successful and powerful. More power to him.

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