Total Playstation: Darksiders Review

Darksiders, somehow - miraculously, even - manages to borrow from a host of different games; Zelda of course primarily, but nabs the combat mechanics of God of War, some shooter bits of Panzer Dragoon and Ratchet, some of the platforming and traversal of Prince of Persia and, some have already felt, a bit of the general art style of the Warcraft series, yet never once feels like these elements aren't perfectly at home in the world first-time PS3 developer Vigil Games has created.

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NateCole3600d ago

This game is so underrated is not even funny.

Pennywise3600d ago

Got it in my car... can't wait to try it. Too bad it won't be tonight, Avatar 3D calls...

NateCole3599d ago

Penny. I am getting a 3d TV this because of Avatar. It's like nothing you have seen before. Its like you are there in person its scary at times.

Zeal0t3599d ago

I agree 101% with you!!!! I saw Avatar today and it was like a revalation to me.