360 Game Save Community prepares to Fight Back against Microsoft


"Before we begin telling the story of how the 360 game save community is fighting back against regulations imposed by MS, one thing must be made clear - NOT everyone wants to cheat online to boost their gamer score, many gamers just want to retain control over content which they have paid for. Microsoft simply does not like people sharing game saves, they decided to crawl through the database at 360gamesaves and extracted the Unique console IDs from every save shared this. When they released their last dashboard update, they include a list of these console ID's in the 'revoked console ID list'. The list was integrated into the update which tells the Xbox 360 to treat every save made by the console on the list as a corrupt save file, rending the saves useless. HOWEVER, the community is planning to fight back and find out just how below."

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DrPirate4730d ago

I'm very unfamiliar to all of this, if someone would care to explain a brief 2 sentence abstract of what this is about, I'd like to know. Thank you.

Lucidmantra4730d ago

People are using save games from a website that trades game saves to unlock acheievements and boost their gamerscore in Xbox live without playing the games properly.

MS extracted their console identifiers (also opening the door to how they protect the xbox360 from being hacked) and made a list then inserted that list in to the dashboard update and it renders savegames by those console IDS unplayable ...and corrupt even though they are not.


DrPirate4730d ago

Thank you very much.

My gamerscore is so low because I refuse to play crap games for the purpose of boosting my score. I see why people would try to do this.

Lucidmantra4730d ago (Edited 4730d ago )

I am against gamerscore boosting.. A gamerscore is not a true leveling of a players skills because i know plenty of guys with a gamer score of 3000 or less who would be happy to spend all night running up kill after kill on you in GRAW, R6V, SC, or Halo 2.

I think them eliminating the trading of gamesaves starts to erode the very good feeling alot of people have in the console community toward Microsoft. It is one of the few areas where mention of their name doe not immediately blot out the sun with dark dark thunderclouds and memories of how swift, and brutal their business model can be. They should step away from this and find a way to make a mutual agree ment. I have a gameshare devise and have used their gamesaves for a few games, but i haven't ever gotten a achievement by using them.

If you comment on this before you say save game traders are cheaters... Make sure you have never:
1) NEVER used a gamesave that was not yours on ANY CONSOLE or SYSTEm.
2) NEVER used a GAMEGENIE, ACTION REPLAY or any such item.
3) NEVER used a punch in code, KOnami code, game entered code or easter egg code of any kind.

If you have... your comment means jack squat because you my friend are a hypocrite, because you have choosen to work outside the normal rules of playing a game... as such you are a game trader/cheater also.

rusgreim4730d ago

... and I declare that using someone else's gamesave for ANY reason, but especially for boosting a gamer score, is LAME and CHEATING.


BrotherSic4730d ago

users have been uploading saved games and buying/selling/gifting to other xbox users so they can improve their gamer score.

Microsoft found a way to discover which users where doing this and corrupted their saved files.

The users are now fighting back by using a mod that allows then to trade game saves without the fear of Microsoft banning them.

Thats my understanding of the situation anyway ;)

razer4730d ago

And should be banned from XBL, just like the modders and glitches a few weeks back. These people try to mask their intentions, but %99.9 of them are using it to get gamerscore and achievements they did not earn. No matter what the excuse is if you can't do it properly you shouldn't play. If they want to "fight back" and put all this energy into this, why don't they just play the freakin games??? Oh yea, that's right, they have no skills. Also, if they want to challenge MS, they can do so but MS has every right to ban them from Live. If anything MS is playing nice and just not allowing you to use someone else's save but if they want to get nasty they can and have every right to do so.

kewlkat0074730d ago

Gamer Scores were BOGUS..Who has time to play every game and unlock everything.

Why do people have to cheat? just to brag or what? Of course the same goes for taking steroids..

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The story is too old to be commented.