How DICE can beat Infinity Ward

GamerZines: According to EA's senior VP in Europe Jens Uwe Intat, Battlefield Bad Company 2 has the lofty target of taking the premier shooting franchise crown from Call of Duty. "If any of our studios can take on Modern Warfare then it's DICE," explained the experienced figure.

Surely this would have to be one of the most dramatic turnarounds in recent history, but it may not be impossible. We take a look at what EA must do in order to shoot down gaming's biggest franchise.

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Sk8boyP3597d ago

Umm.. I played the Beta, NO lag, NO killstreak camping, NO glitching, NO boosting etc... just fun and people playing like they should. I'm pretty sure DICE got a K.O in the 1st round.

vhero3597d ago

Agreed and bullet physics on top of all that makes it an all around better game.

sikbeta3597d ago

How DICE can beat Infinity Ward?

Making a BETTER Game?

Kind of easy for DICE then

solidworm3597d ago

out of the water,...MAG already makes the new COD play like a picnic so i dont think it will take much for Dices offering to embarress it.Was gonna get BFBC2 but after playing the new MAG beta i cant live without real 256 player war so i may pick it up later.The more games that show MW2 up for the lacklustre attempt at warfare the better.Go Dice,go Zipper.

chasegarcia3597d ago (Edited 3597d ago )

Game is terrible. Same as part one. Beside no grain filter everything seems the same. Game has no prone, no blood, and the guy you play as swings the gun around lol. Disagree all you want but Modern Warfare 2, Killzone 2 , and Mag are better games. Also the destruction is not that good. Everything blows up the same way everytime. Its unrealistic.

perseus3597d ago

So, buildings using the same animation to blow up is unrealistic, but wielding two shotguns at once is not? (Hint: #2 is more unrealistic.)

Fences and trees exploding when a vehicle drives through them is unrealistic, but a person hit by a nail gun being thrown across a battlefield is not? (Hint: #2 is more unrealistic.)

Holes appearing in the ground when artillery strikes it is unrealistic, but a tent surviving a rocket strike is not? (Hint: #2 is more unrealistic.)

Choose your adjectives wisely, my child.

cpuchess3597d ago

BFBC2 beta was way better and that was just with a single map.

3597d ago
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