Modder to MS: Hey you copied my Xbox 360 fix without recognition

Today received a string of e-mails from a German reader known as Apophis, claiming that Microsoft 'stole' his concept with regards to the overheating GPU in the Xbox 360. He is infuriated that it seems as if his 'concept' has been 'stolen' without a word of thanks.

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Caxtus7504731d ago'l get over it. For a minute i thought it was somthing serious like an idea or concept...not finding out that it overheats

nobizlikesnowbiz4731d ago

Lol der shizen flizen.

Der frizeaking M$ foolz dersheinanemaged!!!! Stolzein mein dezaeinz!! Der flieben hanomagen!!! Mein! Mein! Mein! Vil geit mein moneiz!!! M$ vill payzen!!!!! M$ ownzen mein marx!!!

Ivont mein marx!!!

Thats probably what the angry German man sounds like. lol.

Lucidmantra4730d ago

actually that is LAWLZZZZ....

CompGeek4730d ago

Funniest thing I read all day.

Rims4731d ago

They even copy their fans.

razer4730d ago

Dude go back to watching Blu-ray movies..

StateofMind4730d ago

Is there something wrong with Blu-ray movies?

Fart_Bubbles4730d ago

how people like razer get so offended everytime someone makes fun of his sugardaddy.

being on microsucks payroll must be

uxo224730d ago

Are you doing the same thing by coming to the rescue of blu-ray movies. He really never said something was wrong with watching them he merely said go back to watching them.

KingME4730d ago

but, maybe he was implying because there is nothing else to do in the PS3 except watch blu-ray movies. It's not my opinion, I'm just stating what the guy above was probably hinting at..

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PS360WII4730d ago

yeah... ummm.... yeah...

ThaGeNeCySt4730d ago

to the german guy... on behalf of those 360 owners whom fell victim to the RRoD... thank you.

Lucidmantra4730d ago

I would like to add...

STOP BIoTCHING... if MS hadn't made the system you would still be running around in the world and nobody would give 2 dumps about you. Just like they won't 45 mins after reading your crying and whining.

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The story is too old to be commented.