WoW Account Administration Told Not to Restore Hacked Characters

In a stunning revelation from a veteran account administrator at Blizzard, has learned that account administrators are being told by Blizzard managers not to restore people's characters and items after their account has been ransacked by gold sellers and keyloggers.

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Montrealien3605d ago (Edited 3605d ago )

I am sure there is more to it then that.

edit: Ok I get it, so they are buying off some people with a care packadge just to make things quicker I guess, and the people not interested in the care packadge will wait longer. Makes sense, the title of this article is extremely miss leading.

moe843605d ago

It's not hard to not get your sh!t hacked. The authenticator is a great way to start. If you can afford 11-15 bucks a month, you can afford the 7 or so bucks for the key chain, protecting your sh!t( go to the store.. go go). Knowing what websites to not go to helps too. And, the number one way to not get your sh!t hacked is don't give your info out to anyone. This maybe just me, but not going to the spam websites plaguing the trade chats, /w and /y.

The blame is 100% on the players themselves. The fact that Blizz has even restored anything, ever shows that they care. Knowing full well of who is at fault, the player. 2500 gold, and emblems could be more than some people have pre-hack.

These queues that take days or weeks isn't even Blizz not working hard enough. It's the sheer number of hacks the Specialist and AA teams have to deal with.

Kurylo3d3605d ago

your kidding right? Half the users who play that game dont know anything about computers. How would they know how not to get hacked.

To not restore their accounts is a sure fire way to get less people paying blizzard to play on the fear their account my get hacked again.

moe843605d ago

As for fake emails from Blizzard, okay 70% of the players now have no excuse as to why their sh!t got hacked. The other 30% who don't know what Blizzard emails look like, or where they're from... just need to be educated..
Blizzard educates you all the time, those little yellow messages from Blizz at the top of your chat log every time you log in..

Crazy huh

Montrealien3605d ago

So Kury has figured out that a good percentage of people are idiots, congradulations!

Perjoss3605d ago

there is also a good percentage of people that cannot spell.

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KillaManiac3605d ago

but if this is true and Blizzard decides to not restore anything done to by think those customers are gunna just start over?

They will be loosing tons of customers because even you yourself said...the amount of people who get hacked is enormous.

Infact my WoW account got hacked earlier this week. I have been gone since November, but a friend said i logged in not sure how my account was hacked (have no viruses, malware, or anything). I dont care what happens to my characters or gold since I quit, but people who are still WoW crazy do. Only reason I want my account back is just b/c of information that is in it.

moe843605d ago

"but if this is true and Blizzard decides to not restore anything done to by think those customers are gunna just start over? "

Did you read the article, or just the misleading title?

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