Sony "still planning" pre-release Heavy Rain demo

VG247: SCEE has just told VG247 that it's "still planning" a Heavy Rain demo before the game's release next month, with "more information" coming "soon."

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Dellis3598d ago

They better but it could be a double edge sword, some will finally
see that it is Heavy QTE but others will see the visuals and like it?

Blaze9293598d ago

A demo for this game will very much indeed be a double edged sword. If it wasn't for Quantic/Atari releasing a Indigo Prophecy demo way back when it released, I would have never even heard about the game. Thankfully they did and I loved it and went out to buy the game.

For others, they may think it's some kind of interactive movie with nothing but QTE and find themselves uninterested and confused. So it better be one grip holding storyline they feature for the demo.

Meryl3598d ago

oooh go on Sony I really want to try it out

vhero3598d ago

they gonna have to as theres not enough info about this game to get people excited enough to hand over RRP for this game.

Myst3598d ago

Hope they release it soon :)

Roper3163598d ago

As much as I love the idea of a demo for HR, I will hold off and just wait for the complete game in February. I have no doubts what so ever about this being a great exciting gaming experience and just want to see everything unfold in it's entirety. This is my most anticipated game of 2010 with TLG being a close close 2nd. Games like this and TLG are why I am a predominately a PS gamer, they just don't have games like these on other platforms.

jalen2473598d ago

Take a look at this amazing preview of Heavy Rain.

This game is going to be amazing.