GameZone: Star Trek Online Preview

The preamble – yep, that one … "Space, the final frontier …" – is expected but not heard, though the theme music certainly is. It begins with the orchestration that keyed in the television show four decades back, and then changes to embrace so much more that belongs to the Star Trek legacy.

Usually, a game shows what it purports to have with the barest of tastes known as a tutorial, and Star Trek Online is no different. The flavors are there, but just in minimal quantities. It's like the scent of rich chocolate that dances across the tongue, but is more of a tease than a true taste.

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Caspel3603d ago

I need a new MMO to play. Hopefully this or Star Wars: The Old Republic turn out to be halfway decent.

athmaus3603d ago

This looks like it is shaking up to be a great game. But i dont know if iw ant to try this one or wait for the new star Wars game.

Maximum Yuks3603d ago

This game looks awesome, but I gotta see how SWTOR does.

Kyrwolf3603d ago

The combat elements sound pretty decent and the screens show some flair. This is sounding better and better all the time.