Battlefield: Bad Company 2 PC Beta Details Announced

Today DICE finally cleared up the uncertainty about the Battlefield: Bad Company 2's PC beta. It's set to begin at the end of the month.

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tdrules3602d ago

this is great to hear, I've been wanting to play a Battlefield game on PC but BF2 seemed too daunting.

tdrules3602d ago


peeps3602d ago

"PC but BF2 seemed too daunting. "

really? what does that mean lol bf2 is a classic bf game and my fave in the series tbh, i'm sure alot of bf fans feel the same way

Elvfam5113602d ago

Love the ps3 beta can't wait for this

Keyboard + Mouse FTW

tdrules3602d ago

I always feel like a game that old I'l have my arse handed out to me.
I've play CS:S and TF2 and I do OK, but 9/10 I'm doing badly.

Raf1k13602d ago

I know what you mean.
With BF2 and any other online game you'll get your ass handed to you for a while but that's how you learn. Always jump into a squad and as long as it's a decent bunch of people you'll have a blast even though your not great at it.

narked3601d ago

to be honest that how you learn and aim to get better, by getting killed and killed and killed.
eventually when you play enough in a hard server then play on another server, then you're on top :)

pcgia3601d ago

Yup, playing against better people is always the way to get better,as with anything in life, playing with them too but at the same time I feel, personally, that against is always better if you can handle getting your butt handed to you until you catch on to their movement and tactics. Plus, I also find it more appealing to get better when you find a game hard to play. It challenges you to adapt which is the learning curve that keeps you wanting more.

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FantasyStar3602d ago

I just hope they keep their word about a "open PC Beta". That means, no keys needed. The article sure didn't look that way. I'm not going to fight for a beta I potentially might not like.

Moragami3601d ago

This game is GUARANTEED to be the shiz! Is applying for a key really that much work to try an awesome game for free?
Or you could just do like I did and per-order the game. 6 bonus unlockables, plus guaranteed beta access. This is a no-brainer.

EvilCackle3601d ago

If the PS3 beta's any indication, they'll be giving out a lot of keys through giveaways.

pcgia3601d ago

@ 2.1

Where did you pre-order it from?
EA store here...

mrv3213602d ago

They should have just updated 1943 using the NEWEST Bad Company 2 engine. That way you can test the engine and test the server load PLUS you can charge $10 for it and offer basic support and admit that.

Just make it steam exclusive and then give a $5 discount on pre-ordering Bad Company 2.

Now don't tell me that isn't a worthwhile thing on EA's side to test the market for pure awsome. After the awsome recession of ODST followed shortly by the recession famine of MW2.

By the way I'm a great big fan of MW2 and I adore Halo 3 online but they are pretty generic.

dbieon123602d ago

I played the PS3 beta extensively.

Great game.

It's an INFINITY better than Modern WARDfare 2.

This is great news!

3601d ago
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