Fable II Game of the Year Edition Now Available in North America

If you still haven't played Fable II for the XBOX 360 since it's release back in 2008, now is the great opportunity to get the Game of the Year edition.

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edgeofblade3602d ago

It seems a little... pretentious... to release a GOTY edition.

Pennywise3602d ago

pretentious.... Right up Peter's ally.

Elven63602d ago

Why would it be pretentious? Fable II did win GOTY awards, if not overall it did win for specific categories like RPG of the year from a few sites.

GameOn3602d ago

So what? It's better value for the consumer.

Bnet3433602d ago

All I have to say is this. I got this game last weekend for $17, IT. IS. AMAZING. If you liked Fable I, you'll like this one even better. The little things like getting a job, earning money, having a wife and kids, your dog, etc. All those little things make Fable II stand out. I recommend any Xbox 360 owner get this game. I wouldn't be surprised if we ever see a Fable MMO in our lifetime.

Bathyj3602d ago

Pretensious? Seems downright delusional in its arrogance.

Sure I guess technically only one mag or website has to give you a GotY award and then you can crow about it all you want, but general concensus never had this game picked.

Probably 2% of the gaming population and media would believe this was the best game of the year.

Its like me claiming to be the worlds best lover just because my girlfriend told me I am.

TheDeadMetalhead3602d ago

Good time for me to finally pick this up, then. I rented it back when I first got my 360. It's a pretty good game. :)

Elven63602d ago

bathyj: As posted below,

A lot of places had given Fable II great praise, GOTY nominations and even awards.

Legally all you need is one award to call something "Game of the Year" edition. It would be impossible for a single game to sweep all the awards for every single site, publication, etc.

Bathyj3602d ago

Thats fine dude. I even said that myself.

Just so long as you all know, I'm the worlds greatest lover.

ActionBastard3602d ago (Edited 3602d ago )

IGN Best of 2008:
Best Original Score (Xbox 360)
X-play's Best Game of 2008 award
Joystiq's Best Game of 2008 award
Best Action and Adventure Game of 2008, British Academy Video Games Awards

Yep. That SCREAMS game of the year. All those accolades make Uncharted 2 look like game of the month. No, really.

theEnemy3602d ago

did win a Game of the Year award.

But Gears 2 on the other hand had none. Unless ofcourse some unknown blog or publication gave that award.

Disccordia3601d ago

This has been out for months in Europe, wonder why it's taken so long to hit NA? Anyway, in the UK, it's actually cheaper to just buy the original version and buy the DLC off the marketplace than purchase this!

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Raf1k13602d ago (Edited 3602d ago )

I was hoping this game would have come to PC by now as it's been over a year since it was released.

Any of you think this, Gears2, Halo Reach, Fable 3 and Alan Wake are enought reasons for me to pick up a 360?

edit: @below, Yeah I heard that's pretty good so I'm guessing Crackdown2 will be too. I'm looking for reasons to pick up a 360 but at the moment I think I might wait until there are more full exclusives on the 360 since I have a gaming PC and a PS3.

edit2: @beans, the thing that's holding me back is that once I've played all these I'll be back on my PC and PS3 with not much else to play on 360.
I think it might be better for me to wait for this years E3 to see what else is coming to 360 before I pick one up unless I can get one really cheap that's a newer model.

CAPT IRISH3602d ago

yes, but gears2 sucks. crackdown should be there instead

beans3602d ago (Edited 3602d ago )

I actually loved Gears 2 single player although I heard the fun was in multiplayer. That's definitely a great lineup and reason enough to hop on.

edit above: Well you just named 5 exclusives that are not on announced for Pc so that's plenty.

3602d ago
divideby03602d ago

GOTY...someone does not understand what it

they picked the worst time ever to release this game...serioulsy wth are they thinking.....just look at the games coming out MAG, ME, White Knight Cronicles, Heavy Rain....all within a few weeks...all must buyz..

stupid release time..let it sit on the shelves

Elven63602d ago

Do you not know what GOTY means? Game of the Year (GOTY) is basically a term applied to games that win awards from various gaming publications, sites, etc in a certain year.

Fable II did win GOTY awards, I think it won some overall awards but it also won "Best RPG of 2008" awards from a few sites.

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The story is too old to be commented.