CES: Heavy Rain PS3 a slick thriller

Sony Corp.'s U.S. game division this week demonstrated the latest build of the title Heavy Rain for the Playstation 3 at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, NV. In preview form the title looks to be a slick, innovative thriller for the hardware.

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nogolis3594d ago

Slick Thriller, huh? Don't you need a good story and voice acting for that? Don't you need something to draw the gamer/viewer in? This game has beyond Troll 2 quality voice acting. It's absolute ballz on all levels. I couldn't believe how bad it was. How broken up it was. No matter how great a script is, believe me I know, if your actors are $#*T it's going to suck. And that's what happened here with Heavy Rain. I was just shocked that Sony would allow Quantic to produce such a low end product and still tout it as the biggest game in their early 2010 line up. Shocking to say the very least.

Anyways, after seeing the voice acting in this game I'm out. Resident Evil worked because it was the mid 90's, we had never seen anything like it before and it actually lent itself very well to the theme of the game. We could always make the argument it was suppose to be a low budget B horror movie and often win the argument at that. With this, not the case. Heavy Rain is destine to fail disagree all you want, you know it will.

R_19933594d ago

I mean I know it's innovative and all, but like most people who I game with, I think it's more of a movie than a game. I'll probably rent to try, then consider buying it. From the gameplay I've seen though, it looks to be a nice experience.

Hanif-8763594d ago

I really wanna know which game does better voice acting in your opinion if you think Heavy Rain does a bad job....What Halo you say?

nogolis3594d ago (Edited 3594d ago )

Uncharted 2... Heavenly Sword... Ratchet & clank... Uncharted... Killzone 2... Tomb Raider, even. All of those games and tons more actually take the script serious. Hevy Rain does not. Listen to the voice work in this damn game and tell me it's natural. You're lying to yourself and others, man.

Listen to her.

"Aaaaa in the aaaaa Bath aaaa room... A body... Cut up with a saw!!"

"This time I got my story"

"Time to play the sexy girl"

Please. That is a joke. LAme as $#*T!

Fix your hair... Put on make up... Ripping your skirt??? Please, this isn't a game it's a damn train wreck.

jalen2473594d ago

Take a look at this video.

Simply amazing.