BuzzFocus: R.U.S.E. Preview

BuzzFocus writes: "In 2009, UbiSoft outpaced the gaming industry, claiming their place as one of the Top 5 Game Publishers for the year. Games like Assassin's Creed 2 were hits before they even hit the street. In 2010, UbiSoft is already making moves to rank in the big 5 once again. Whereas last year Action-Adventure games were the publisher's leading genre, this year we're looking forward to several genres from UbiSoft – including, the Real-Time Strategy (RTS). In theory, Action-Adventure games are a "dime a dozen." Sure, they're not all great, but for the most part their acceptable, like a used item on Ebay. On the FPS side of gaming, you can find a different publisher putting out an FPS nearly every other month, allowing for several hours of glorious online gameplay. But, RTS games are few and far between. While good ones, are close to nil. The best RTS of 2009 was a game that didn't even claim to be an RTS – Brutal Legend."

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