Strange glitch in Prince of Persia classic

Poor Gus downloaded Prince of Persia Classic from Xbox Live Arcade only to discover this very strange bug that renders the game unplayable. As you can see from the video, our hero has gone from Warrior Within to Warrior about eight feet off the ground. The afflicted gamer has tried erasing the hard drive's cache, he's deleted his game save and he's downloaded the title from XBLA three times already, but nothing fixes the bizarre glitch.

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PS360WII4777d ago

that did not happen to my version thank goodness. Hopfully they figure out how to help this guy though

ITR4777d ago

Wow thats crappy.

Bad copy??

razer4777d ago

have to make a YouTube video?? Nobody gives a crap, call 1800MYXBOX and talk to the people who can help you... PS: You forgot to add the god awful emo soundtrack to your video.

calderra4777d ago

s*** happens. Post on the developers' site and ask for a fix.

Firewire4777d ago

Does anything work on the 360?
Besides Red Rings & Scratched Discs that you have to deal with, allot of new games seem to have problems (Forza / Gears), then the patches MS makes create more problems. It f'n ridiculous! The 360 has to be the crappiest console ever! We know the hardware sucked but now officially the software does to!

Great job M$! Keep f'n your little xbots!

M1am1U4776d ago

keep saying whatever you have to to make yourself feel better about the choices you've made. It's humourous how much hate some of you people have inside. I'd feel sorry for you, but it's not worth the energy.

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The story is too old to be commented.