"Wii is as powerful as original Xbox," says FIFA producer

FIFA producer Tim Tschirner has said that he believes the Nintendo Wii matches up to the first Xbox in terms of power.

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PS360WII4802d ago

quit your bellyaching it's not hurting you physically is it?

Counter_ACT4802d ago

lol yeah, I was thinking that too. If its as powerful as a last gen console its not really next gen IMO.

FadedDRFT4802d ago

hahahahahahaahahahahahahahahah ahaahahahaha heheheheheheheehehee??
FIFA producer???? Bloody footballers, what the hell do they know?? Dumb Bastards.

tplarkin74801d ago

Quote from article:
"The video hardware unfortunately is not as powerful. There's just a couple of key things that you can do on Xbox like shaders which you just cannot do on the Wii... Overall though it's pretty much what the original Xbox was."

This means the Wii is a modified Gamecube. No shaders on Wii. No game on Wii can match Halo 1.

Fanboys are gay4801d ago

well i think the wii is the only next gen console because it brought a new concept the motion sensor controles and you can say ps3 has it too but the ps3 version cant compare to the wii's excution of it,
and the wii was never ment to be a power house nintendo said that from day 1 they wernt out to compete for the best graphics, but the wii is smashing the competors.

BIadestarX4801d ago

Woudl you stop using my gamertag you idiot!?

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gaffyh4802d ago (Edited 4802d ago )

That's probably true if not more powerful, its a shame that Nintendo keep releasing games that don't even try to push the graphics to the limit.

It's kinda obvious Nintendo's goals weren't to make the most powerful system, just to concentrate on gameplay and penetrating the market.

SquallSK4802d ago

I don't know .. did he mean Wii is as good or as bad as Xbox 1 ?

Keyser4802d ago

I can believe it's as powerful as the Xbox but I don't think Nintendo cares or the people who buy it. I think buyers are looking for fun through game play with "good enough" graphics. If this is a guys console (or gal) that is looking to play the Halo's and Metal Gear type games then you're parents did you wrong and you need to go have a talk with them.

This system is made for friends and parties.

cuco334802d ago

unlike most on here, my parents don't buy me sh*t

i pay for my toys. have since i could work some 11yrs ago. even before that, i'ld work for systems and games

but i'll agree with u. it's a fun party system and will show it's potential and more fun with time

Keyser4801d ago

Cuco33, you're a 70's baby just like me and my parents haven't bought me anything in a long time so my 360 and PS3 came out of my pocket so I feel your pain.

I don't know how much potential the Wii has but it will have a lot of competition during this Christmas so I hope the Wii is ready for war.