Natal without its processor: The beginning of the end

VGArabia: Last year at E3 2009, Microsoft showed its new control free peripheral (project Natal) to the whole world. Just after they had demonstrated some casual games like Ricochet and the infamous Milo, the gaming world went crazy and Natal had become the next big thing and the talk of the media and videogames experts.

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Godmars2903601d ago

MS seems to be doing their usual. Compromising quality. Looking at day-one quantity over quality. If they can keep the hype up, use it to blind consumers, like the 360 it will be months before the public realizes their 3rd party over reliance.

THE MAX SPEED 213601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

Can't wait to see how they'll reproduce games with graphics that are as good as the ones we saw in the Pre-rendered Natal Demo/Trailers.

This already sound like it will deceive us. smh smh

Christopher3601d ago

I do see this as being an issue, but if they hadn't done this I can't imagine how many people would have bought a system add-on that costs $60 - $100 more because of going the hardware route.

It's very much like Sony's issue with BC. They had to remove the hardware emulator to shave off money to get it to a reasonable price, and unfortunately software emulation isn't possible without making piracy of games much easier to accomplish.

presto7173601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

but when you say that natal will take up some 15% of the 360's power, then I think we have a problem.

As someone once said, the only "peripheral" a gamer needs is a couch ( and maybe pizza, just maybe). All this motion stuff is for those that do wiiFit.

Game + Console + controller + couch + kick ass tv and sound ( + maybe pizza) = WIN

zeeshan3601d ago

Be it eyetoy or PS wand or Natal or Wii, I am not into motion sensing technology. Really, I'd rather prefer a controller in my hand and perhaps virtual reality type of projectors fitted in some type of glasses or a headgear BUT, I won't just give it up to "teh wand is dooommzed" or "teh PS3 is dOoOmzed" or "PS3 Wand is teh doomed". For anything, I'd like to see both M$ and Sony make a profit out of it and make great games to attract even larger audience. I'd love to see some healthy competition man!

moneybuyseverything3601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

Oh boy are we going to see one of these anti Natal articles every day until Natal releases? Natal uses console resources just like all the other motion devices on their respective consoles, now. Are the games or coming games for other consoles with motion "gimped" too? Give it up you won't stop Natal.

Bigpappy3601d ago

These doom and gloom articles are a bit ahead of themselves. They haven't seen the games yet, so why speculate when they don't even know what the full capabilities of 360 or Natal are. If they had shown a game and it was disappointing, then I would expect to see such responses. At this point I will trust the engineers and people making games over some guy with an opinion and a keyboard. Your thoughts?

Cenobia3601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

But going by your expectations that Natal is the second coming, wouldn't Natal be 10,000 times as awesome as the other motion controllers, and therefore use 10,000 times more power?

I don't really think this changes anything. Natal will be to the 360 what sixaxis is to the PS3. Used well on a few titles (and a few crappy implementations on early games), but overall after the first 6 months almost nobody will use it.


moneybuyseverything3601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

I'm not sure what your point is or why you're replying to me, using what I said as an excuse to go on futher rant about it and to take a personal gab at me.

I said I hope we don't see these articles every day speculating ignorant theories.
I know you guys see Natal as the anti Christ that will bring Armageddon but dam at least wait for the "SIGNS" before you go nanas

You're mad because you want everybody to pretend to be disappointed like you guys? I guess this is expected because we seen this same resistance for the Wii concept before it released.

"MS seems to be doing their usual. Compromising quality'


Sitdown3601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

Perhaps people already "realizes their 3rd party over reliance" and it was just fine by them....just maybe, 3rd party games are what they want to play...and until recently, the 360 was the cheapest way of playing those third party titles. I mean seriously....why so much hate. Here is a thought...not every 360 owner is a blind consumer...perhaps they are well aware of what they are purchasing. Here is another thought, check the titles....the ps3 launched with a massive amount of 3rd party titles as well. Every console this generation has compromised quality to some degree or another, so don't just try to make it a Microsoft thing.....with that said, I agree...we will just have to wait and see.

Christopher3601d ago

Going to say something specific to the people who are acting like this doesn't affect being able to play many of the normal big release titles with Natal:

It's fairly obvious you won't be playing a top of the line game at full level with Natal. Why? Because they've already said that it takes about 10% of the 360 processor to run Natal. You don't take a game that uses the 360 at a high rate, which most AA and AAA titles do already, and then try to run it with 10% less processing capability.

Those who are saying this doesn't affect the ability to use Natal at all are acting like that 10% is magically created out of thin air, it's not.

Godmars2903601d ago

As far as all of the "Natal is the tech innovation of 2010" articles written in 2009? How are any of those any less speculative when no ones either seen a full game, or what few have been shown aren't all that impressive.

The only reason we're getting doom and gloom articles is because Natal's gone through a major change. Shown too early as a finished product.

@Sitdown: The main reason console companies do 1st party support is to set example. Both of what their console is capable of technically as well as what they expect 2nd and 3rd dev houses to do on their system. Done right they might even learn a thing a two about their own hardware as they also gain loyalty from 3rd parties. Nintendo began that example and Sony ran with it.

I should mention Atari, but really 3 million ET carts rotting in a landfill is statement enough of the poor example they set and where it lead them.

sikbeta3601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

Guys, you can hype natal all you want and think is da bezt, but If Devs want to PUSH the Boundaries with a Game, they'll not use natal because the peripheral will reduce the performance

moneybuyseverything3601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

So let me get this straight. Natal can't use the systems resources of the console but Wiimote and PS3 wand can?

It would be interesting to see what percentage of PS3's hardware the Wand uses and same goes for the Wii. Probably more on PS3 because the Eye wasn't built from the ground up for this type of motion. I bet when Sony announces they changed something, no one will say a word because 360 fans .can care less and PS3 fans will sweep it under the rug assuming this has not already happened

Godmars2903601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

You're ignoring the point: when it was first introduced Natal wasn't suppose to be directly using the 360's assets. With talk directly from MS at the time that this would be a great thing. Now that's changed and it only draws suspicion that MS hasn't changed their tune.

Someone who's yet to drunk the Kool-aid can't help but question that stance, especially when no actual games have been shown.

moneybuyseverything3601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

So you guys don't like being exposed as hypocrites?

"Looking at day-one quantity over quality. If they can keep the hype up, use it to blind consumers"

What tripe! The space Aliens built the Pyramid and used human females to procreate and used the "blind" men as labor.

What exactly are people disagreeing with? Does the Wii motion strip and the PS EYE have on board chips/processors on the Peripheral? This news and the fear plus the attacks are not valid and pointless.

captain-obvious3601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

MS hyped natal
and they was always saying
"it got its own brain" aka the proccesser
now that its brian is gone

what MS got to say now ??

Godmars2903601d ago


You're talking about tripe and hypocrisy and you can't even come up with a good, relevant, counter-analogy?

The reason PS3 got criticized for not having any games when it first came out was because Sony was putting some actual effort into them while urging 3rd parties like Konami to do the same. Meanwhile MS was dumping cash to get Earth Defense and Bikini Squad, budget PS2 games.

SilentNegotiator3601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

The game was a good second behind the girl playing that ball game at E3.
I can't even imagine it now.

And that indirect processing will be slower, unless it sucks up more processing power to make up for it. And yipee, more work and more heat. My 360 sure needs that.

"You guys are picking and choosing what to regurgitate so you can bash Natal because it makes you feel better about PS3 and it's chances at competing on the same level as the 360 this year"
Disregard what I said before. I don't respond to the paranoid.

moneybuyseverything3601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

You have to read before you comment. If you read the announcement from Microsoft you would know they said letting the 360 do the work will not effect natal's response time that they already had.

You guys are picking and choosing what to regurgitate so you can bash Natal because it makes you feel better about PS3 and it's chances at competing on the same level as the 360 this year.

Natal uses the console's hardware just like Nintendo and Sony now, yet it's OK for them but not Microsoft?

You guys are stone cold scared of Natal and this is why you're acting like this. Not being interested something or thinking something is dumb in 99.9% of cases don't involve zealous tracking and negative opinion giving, repeatedly.

Natal games don't need 100% of the 360's resources, standard games don't even use close to that much. Why would a Natal game using fullbody motion need resources from the 360 on the level of a standard game with a ton of things going on at once that require more power? There will be no Mass Effect scale type games using fullbody motion. lol

In the real world Consumers and casuals can careless where the skeletal tracking work is being done at. lol


Below @cris

WTF are you talking about? WoaH I'm Adding you to the misplaced aggression and angry list along with Maddens Raiders and Thebandit. Cris is just angry I called him out in the 360 article about sells in 2010 when he was trolling. He's trying to get revenge. Don't report people because somebody that hates someone tells you to.

LOL Cris399 is saying somebody calling out spam news articles filled with speculation is jibberish.

This is why Cris399 is having his slander filled fits and discriminating against me trying to get revenge
READ his comments

Chris3993601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

Stop trolling from multiple accounts. You created this account today. You are violating the Terms of Use for the site. Pretty sure I know who this is too. In any event, stop being a coward. If you can't stand by the strength (or fallacy, or idiocy) of what you say, you shouldn't post things in places of public opinion.

Everyone do N4G a favor and report this person.

Edit: Reported directly to the N4G mods. Let's see if anything is done now. And for God's sake start IP locking these accounts. About 50% of the gibberish we see here on a daily basis will disappear.

And yes (said in a soft, soothing manner), I'm clearly the angry one here. I'm so disturbed that I'm spamming random internet spew from multiple accounts because I don't know how to express myself properly. Oh, wait... that's you. Seriously, check yourself, you need help. I play games, I like games, that is all. In the words of the wise: "Only a thief worries about his belongings being stolen."

"And only a rabid fan-girl thinks that everyone else is as disturbed as they are".

Anyhoo, going out for the night. Why don't you get some fresh air, or a girl-friend or a dog or something. Just get off this site, it's obviously messing with you. Who am I kidding, you're probably just going to sit at your computer and create yet ANOTHER spam account. So very, very sad.

Edit #2: And you have obviously created multiple accounts, for, as someone who has just made an account TODAY, you seem to have a vivid understanding of people's comment history/ console preferences and rivalries. You are either the cleverest individual in the world at coming to grips with your environment (though you continue to fail at spelling "Chris" correctly, so I question that) OR you're someone who knows the ins and outs of N4G and has created another account to spread his/ her bile. Seriously, give it up, the internet is not a place to live.

I asked them to IP track you too, which is in no way illegal, just a simple ping. Might want to come up from the basement and ask mom if you can use her comp later. Oh, and your crazy ramblings for reference:

Also note that under the drop down "activity" menu, the account was created this morning. Think we're done here. G'night.

doG_beLIEfs3601d ago

FYI the PS motion was designed from the beginning to work with the PSeye and the CELL. So logic would dictate giving the fact that Dr. Marx has been working with motion technology since the beginning of this century that he had big ideas for the eye when he designed it. Motion tech of this accuracy and viability (IMO on the viability part) takes years and years of research and trial and error.

1 SPU will be used out of the available 6 to make the PS motion work. So as for how big a hit we can expect in games? IMO hardly any take KZ2 for example. No one can argue how beautiful that game is and guess what? It uses only FOUR of the available 6 SPU's.

UC2 uses all 6 SPU's so we might not have a game of the quality of UC2 but I will be more than happy with the quality of KZ2.

Natal when it was part of the Israeli company that MS bought was designed from the beginning to have its OWN CPU. IMO the fact that a major design change of this magnitude this late in the development cycle is a major problem that MS will have to fix quickly. Can they do it? Maybe...but for me the whole idea of motion control without tactile feedback is not a good idea. Dr. Marx and Sony found out the same thing years ago.

We will see later on this year what Sony and MS really have in store for us with their motion controls. I am looking forward to it.

Saaking3601d ago

From what new news there was, Natal seems like it'll seriously underwhelm

DatNJDom813600d ago

I just dont see them pulling off all the stuff they said they would. Too many smoke and mirrors. BUT, lets first see what they come out with before the bashing begins. If it comes out in late 2010, thats gives them some time to come up with stuff and maybe fix up the issues it might have.

MazzingerZ3600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

Launch PAL PS3 does PS2 BC via SW just like ALL PS3 consoles emulates PS1 games. Later on PS2 BC was also removed here and consoles didn't get cheaper. Removing PS2 BC was rather a strategic decision by SONY.

In MSFT case that chip was probably one more of the unrealised dreams of Molyneux. NATAL at the end will be just an EyeToy, same limitations of a last gen introduced as next-gen, fast cash for MSFT thanks to all the impulsive buyers, they don't have the 1st party studios to support that device.

I just hope that Halo Reach don't use that because then it will be the first Halo game I'm not getting. There's no way I'm going to spend that money in a device that won't be supported and will end up like the XBL Camera...Totemball anyone?

n4gno3600d ago

"Natal uses console resources just like all the other motion devices on their respective consoles, now. Are the games or coming games for other consoles with motion "gimped" too?"

Sure, but CPU on xbox is far away from the une in PS3, and 10/15% ressources is huge : if you can't have game like uncharted (one) on xbox without natal, imagine with 15% less..

fr0sty3600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

you guys are forgetting something about PS3... it has an entire SPE out of the 7 available set aside for the operating system and system functions (like eyetoy and pswand).

In other words, since day one, every PS3 game has been made using 6 of the 7 available SPEs. So, when the wand launches, there will be a 0% performance hit on the other 6 SPE's that are currently used for gaming, as the 7th will be the one taking the load for the camera/controller.

Also, the launch 60gb had no 120gb hard drive, hdmi 1.3a, was louder, ran hotter (and died sooner as a result), and ate up a lot more power. I'd hardly call that an upgrade, even if it plays ps2 games.

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Megaton3601d ago

"Just after they had demonstrated some casual games like Ricochet and the infamous Milo, the gaming world went crazy and Natal had become the next big thing and the talk of the media and videogames experts."

Speak for yourselves, jockriding this ball of hype off into the sunset.

hardcore19123601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

It isn't about the end of Xbox 360 or something like that, it's about the fear of future without hardcore games.

Megaton3601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

I'm simply responding to what I quoted. Not all of us jumped the gun and latched onto Natal as a magical future machine from Skynet. Most of us looked past Molyneux's smoke and mirrors and saw it for what it was; the latest in a long line of motion cams.

morganfell3601d ago

The fact is they did not demo Milo. They played a video and that is not the same thing.

It is not to dissimilar to the difference between playing a demo in front of an audience and playing a video of someone playing a demo.

A demo and a video of a demo are not the same thing.

Then the truth came out that Milo was responding to tone and not to actual words and suddenly we could all see the man behind the curtains pulling the lever.

The fact is MS doesn't care if it works, they only care if people buy it and as they have so aptly demonstrated marketing overrules actual value and ground truth.

erathaol3601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

@ hardcore1912

In terms of the hardcore market dieing, I think that's impossible. For one hardcore gamers are the only gamers who buy New IP's and allow to flourish in the games market, as we like to try different experiences/stories. While Nintendo's Casual market just seems interested in fun little side activities for minutes of enjoyment at a time.

If you remember correctly, the PS wand had a nice FPS feature to it which mimicked the mouses point and click style. I think that would actually allow for a better hardcore experience as people will eventually grow out of the Auto-Aim shells they have curled into *cough* Modern Warfare 2 *cough*.

Natal's more of a questionable experience because despite their hyped up presentation the demos didn't provide any real substance. Microsoft is definitely throwing piles of money into Natal as they have signed more 3rd party developers than Sony to have them implement Natal in some way. You can bet your tush Microsoft wants this to make a big splash and you will be seeing a ton of content ready for Natal when it does release. If any of it will be amazing remains in question just because its still all under wraps.

bjornbear3601d ago

that's polishing the **** right there =/ seriously I was not that impressed...nor was anyone i know that saw it..

it was all production filmed

does anyone know what that means? Means everything happening was scripted, staged, lit, and the house itself was a stage somewhere in Hollywood or another movie warehouse.

point is, NOTHING that those video's showed have been emulated, only luck luster examples with bizarre circumstances like white rooms, orange suits and god knows what else...

Hype hype hype...its all just


moneybuyseverything3601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

I disagreed because you have been in almost every Natal article posed lately trying to downplay it. This is not something you guys think is stupid and then you move on because it doesn't interest you. You guys spend great deals of energy, time and effort tracking and bashing Natal, actually showing great interest contrary to what you guys say.

sikbeta3601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

Pal, that "xbox avatar shoe glitch" can't be a video of a demo, if that's TRUTH, lol

I refuse to think that they showed a video of a demo that actually TURN OUT to be WORST:

Dev8 ing3601d ago

Rewatch the first 10 seconds of the video and you can see the lag. It's pretty significant.

4Sh0w3601d ago

I'm excited about Natal, I can't wait to see what microsoft will do with it. I'm not worried about the negativity here from a certain group, fortunately outside of n4g the vast majority of gamers are alot more open minded and will welcome Natal if its any good. For those folks like me who have been interested in Natal since E3, I see no reason to stop now, I'll remain optimistic about Natal until microsoft gives me a reason not to be= if everything they annouce/show off sucks.

morganfell3601d ago

First of all you fail at linking videos and had to plain text it in your comments.

Second, that isn't Milo and the lag is bad in that video. Bottom line, it fails as a comment, Natal will fail, and you get the ignore button.

sikbeta3601d ago

lol it was a joke dude, you want the creepy Milo, you got it:


YourCall3600d ago

I see we have the same group of haters doing what they do best. It's amazing how some of you guys don't mature even after years of doing this sh!t.

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dirthurts3601d ago

Microsoft isn't exactly new at this. They know what they're doing and they have a plan. They're not known for loosing money.

Kamikaze1353601d ago

What about the HD DVD attachment?

TheTeam063601d ago

Whoa-whoa-whoa... what?!

Of course they're known for losing money. It was a big deal when they spent $1 billion on RROD alone, then another $1 billion on pirates, replacing the 360 chip and their problem with Vista. It's sort of the reason why they ended up losing billions since the 360's launch.

I even saw a CNET article a while back saying that they'll be going deeper if they don't latch on to Yahoo, which they didn't.

They're also known for sacrificing quality to make as much money as possible.

Godmars2903601d ago

Except with the Xbox1. Which they're probably still in the hole for despite all the success they clam with the 360.

Handsome_Devil3601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

don't forget the Zune and the original Xbox. Hell the Xbox division is still under the red line since they opened.

@Disagree: prove me wrong, that is if you can. and speak up I won't hurt you :).

Patronaso3601d ago

M$ is not hitting it out the ballpark on game system revenues yet. They are a software company and they are trying to build a full service suit of products for consumers when they are away from the CPU. Yes they have a plan... but its about gaining market share and exposure to position new products down the line. If the 360 didn't provide this internal product proposition to them M$ would not be doing this. I also expect that as youtube, twitter services become more common on TVs (as seen in this year's CES), these paid for Live features will no longer be strong selling points to the general public. I wouldn't be surprised to see the gaming unit sold or spun-off 2-3 years from now. Especially if the high brass doesn't see the opportunity they want to see.

dredgewalker3601d ago

Sorry but if MS wasn't loosing money then they'd have plenty of 1st party devs to make its games.

dredgewalker3601d ago

^^ Wanna count how many studios MS has? Wanna know why Sony hasn't lost not even one dev during the recession?

TheTeam063601d ago

So that must mean that "Microsoft" and "losing money" are not synonymous. They're more synonymous with losing money than any of the other two.

bjornbear3601d ago



any Windows Mobile...

and thats just off the top of my head listing things MS have really screwed up =P but obv they can afford to, because they are loaded =P

dirthurts3601d ago

So not everything they do makes them money, they've had some flops but overall they always do find a way to make a profit. Be it gaming division , or multimedia devices they've always came out on top. Maybe not per device but it's the big picture that matters.
Even after the RROD, original Zune and Vista fiascos they found a way to become profitable in the end.

Although I doubt I'll pick up the Natal, I'm sure a bunch of people will.

monkey nuts3600d ago

I found this a slight worry:
'a dev source revealed to kotaku the overall hit to the system was 30%. The 10-15% figure is MS damage control'. (Copy/pasted from the site).
Meh if you asked me what I thought about motion controls future impact on the games industry I'd laugh in your face. WTF do I know, I just play games dummy.

TheMailman3600d ago

@ dirthurts:

You certainly sound like a stockholder not a gamer...

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Karooo3601d ago

to include processer and price natal 100$ their fanbase is full of cheap people

rawd3601d ago

If they were stupid enough to make a HD-DVD addon...

ssipmraw3601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

they also sell overpriced hard drives and wireless adaptors expect no difference with natal

Vincent VII3601d ago

Last year at E3 2009, Microsoft showed its new control free peripheral (project Natal) to the whole world. Just after they had demonstrated some casual games like Ricochet and the infamous Milo, the gaming world went crazy and Natal had become the next big thing and the talk of the media and videogames experts.

Then, the E3 buzz cooled down and gamers started to wonder if all of the buzz surrounding Natal was in place. Some gamers said it’s revolutionary, while others said it’s an Eye Toy with a new paint, and a lot of people were in the grey area; waiting patiently for Microsoft to show something that Justifies all of the talk about Natal. Guess what? Grey is my favorite color when someone discusses Natal with me.

If you are a hardcore gamer (like me), I think that you are not liking what Nintendo has been doing this generation. Just look at Nintendo and their Wii games this generation; other than some high profile games such as Twilight Princess, Mario Galaxy, Super Smash Bros, and some third party exclusives like Muramasa and Mad World the system is filled with meaningless casual video games. They are having the success, they are making profit, why would they stop? Believe me they won’t. And that’s why my worries about the future of the gaming industry I adore and love is becoming stronger. In fact, Natal and other motion control devices (I’m also in grey area regarding Sony’s motion controller, but to a lesser degree) are ruining the videogames industry for us, the hardcore gamers.

You might say, they are bringing video games to the masses. I will tell you one thing: When I see the same person who plays Wii Fit also playing games like Uncharted 2, Forza 3, Assassin’s Creed 2 and other hardcore games, I will stop complaining and start enjoying this motion control nonsense.

Major Nelson has stated that Natal won’t replace the Xbox 360 controller:

” I think you and I can both agree that if we were playing Call of Duty or any type of FPS, you don’t really want to run around to the back of your couch for cover. That isn’t fun. You may haven’t a couch to do it, or you may haven’t room to do it. With Natal, we want to bring new gaming experiences to the living room.”

Ok. But what’s about their new gaming experiences? New gaming experiences mean here more casual games, and the fact that Microsoft stripped Natal from its processor is another prove to my whole point. I guess Now, everyone has been informed that Natal is a software based device, and it’s no longer has a processing power within itself. Also, Kotaku reported that Natal would actually need to use up to 33 percent of the 360’s CPU, and games like Forza 3 is possible while using Natal, but compromises (reduced artificial intelligence, sound or physics) might have to be made in order to run the game properly.

So you won’t be able to play FPS games according to Nelson comment, no high end games; can Xbox 360 run the upcoming Crysis 2 which will have a very sophisticated physic calculations while using Natal? In fact, Natal is putting more limitations on the capabilities of the Xbox 360 hardware, and if we are discussing the issue here on a Logical manner, we are going to see the graphical gap between Xbox360 and PS3 exclusives becoming larger and more obvious in the future.

Which brings us to the main point behind this article: What is the type of games we are going to play using Natal in the future? I guess I have the answer right now: Ricochet and more of them. Nintendo had started this, and in the eyes of hardcore gamers they are doing things in a very wrong way this generation. Until now, the Xbox 360 and the PS3 are consoles dedicated for hardcore gamers. But if they Insisted on conquering the casual market, we will be saying goodbye to hardcore gaming sooner than later.



JasonPC360PS3Wii3601d ago

Droids sure are worried over Natal

N4g_null3601d ago

The biggest bit of news that came out of it was that using the motion tracking tech is going to take a bit of processing power off the top as the "motion-tracking library has some SPU overhead and has an impact on memory as well, although these will be minimized." Sony also says that the controllers will include rumble and that the "face-tracking and head-tracking capability already in the PS3 SDK" will give developers "powerful tools for new types of user interaction."

there goes uncharted like graphics also, so you guys will truely be getting wii ports the bad ones too. I'm wondering when your balance board comes out also.

So the motion controller could not out due the less powerful wii without loosing graphical quality ouch! Or ai complexity. Game dev just got harder thanks to retarded power freaks lol. No wonder rare cancelled their game I bet it was epic too. This is a ticking time bomb with lots of colateral damage.

Trebius3601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

Natal - Captures at 30fps

They didnt copy it well on top of that theyre removing something that could've been potentially vital for the system (they dont know what it's capable of yet) it just limits the hardware too much.

They should've thought BIG, like Sony does...

They say you dont need a hard drive, you dont need wi-fi, you dont need bluetooth, you dont need bluray you dont need true HD sound & visuals...sure you dont need any of that technically, but it's nice to have it no?

Their mentality is, MARKET the hell out of it, cause no one knows about the Eyetoy and that the technology exists...get ppl to buy it at a cheap price, then replace them all when they break 1 by

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Rocco Siffredi3601d ago

but if sony takes some things out of THE ps3, than its ok right?? lol

(backward comp. USB ports, crad reader and so on)

Natal take sonly 10-15 % of the 360s CPU Power, so why should MS put in an EXTRA CPU just for 10% power??

You PS3tards should know that the higher the price, the worse its ells.. (.."Looks on 599 USD PS3")

Pennywise3601d ago

Are you going for biggest idiot on N4G award? Its working.

ssipmraw3601d ago

and a pornstar is probably the lowest you can go

and read the f*cking article it uses 33% of the 360s processing power so expect crappy graphics all round

Pillville3601d ago

Sony took EXTRAS out of the PS3.
MS took MAIN COMPONENTS out of Natal.

If I want to play PS2 games, I can get a PS2.
If I want a card reader & extra USB ports in my PS3 I can hook up a usb hub and usb card reader.

What you gonna do when you want a smarter/faster Natal?

karan86243601d ago

"Looks on 599 USD PS3"

Looks at $299 PS3 that only does everything

Looks at $299 xbox, $100 wifi adaptor, $100 HD-DVD addon, $50 for live, and sigh's as it RROD's while playing halo and scratches the disc

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