6 ways video games are killing you (according to the news)

CN: "Video games are almost universally recognized as being one of the greatest innovations ever to hit the public, right after high-speed Internet, McDonald's and HBO. But they've earned their share of naysayers over the years, too.

As innocuous as gamers may claim their hobby to be, the news routinely disagrees, presumably because they haven't fulfilled their dreams of ruining the fun out of everything ever invented for young people.

Just like rock and roll, MTV and marijuana, video games are inconspicuously killing you. Here's why."

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tehk1w13603d ago

This article somehow manages to be informative, funny, tasteless and terribly offensive all in one go.

Just how I enjoy my Internet.

poopnscoop3603d ago

lol wtf ne1 who says games are killin peeps r stupid

teenieboober3603d ago

I think it's important to keep in mind that video games can be harmful if not taken in moderation.

NateNater3603d ago

"Pokemon is a game that teaches children how to enter into the world of witchcraft, how to cast spells, how to use psychic phenomena, how to...Pokemon world is a world of the demonic!"

Your children need to know there is a devil *Shows pic of Jigglypuff*

LOL. Is this guy serious?