Third Party PS3 Motion Controller Coming by Summer

LAS VEGAS - On a busy Thursday morning at the 2010 International Consumer Electronics Show at the Las Vegas Convention Center, video game accessory distributer Innex, Inc., announced and debuted the prototype for a motion controller for the PlayStation 3.

Manufactured and designed by Komodo, the 3D Motion Freedom Remote has a look and feel similar to that of the successful Wii Remote by Nintendo.

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mrv3213603d ago

Third Parties are you listening? To make a good one of these put a analogue stick on it... not the nub or the usually one maybe a smaller one. Put the D-PAD on the stick itself have L1 and L2 on the bottom and have start home and select. Then make a numchuck with the remained of the bottom on it.

I'd buy one because I wouldn't loose current controller fuctionality.

mjolliffe3602d ago

Unless it's super cheap or have a super-duper feature that the Sony one has, it won't sell that well.

Baka-akaB3603d ago

If it's comming this summer it is time to use it's name ...
Dont tell me you only plan to advertising it around E3 ?

Better make the name stick starting now .

divideby03603d ago

just like Natal..YAWN..
our Wii is fine for niche gamming

monkey nuts3602d ago

Isn't that german for collecting dust? :P

Subzero200x3602d ago

sony strikes again with a PlayStation wiimote.

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