MGU: Lets Golf! (iPhone) Review

When you consider hand-held golf games, you wouldn't be blamed for being unable to name many. Of course Tiger Woods jumps out at you (and others, it would seem!) as the leader of the pack, while the odd crazy golf game pops up now and again, but when it comes to quantity, the score is well below par (but not in the good sense). An alternative take on the golfing genre is the console hit Everybody's Golf, which made people see the sport in a different light. Suddenly what some considered being a boring and tedious task transformed into an addictive and entertaining one. Gameloft have picked up on the latter series' success and made a rather familiar new game. Lets Golf! Follows all the same formulas and concepts that made Everybody's Golf a winner, but will it enjoy the same success and display the same brilliance?

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