New Too Human Screenshot

New screenshot of the Xbox 360 exclusive Too Human.

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Odion4737d ago

I am sorry but who said that this game this game was ugly and last gen?????

Funky Town_TX4737d ago

5 years in dev at this is it. The gameplay also looks like crap. THe AI looks gimped like God of War on PS2. Come on I thought "next gen" was suppose to be gfx,AI, and physics. SN better put this baby back in the oven it's still raw.

DJ4737d ago

It's probably just the limitations of the hardware, not so much their talent level.

Sangheili854737d ago

Yeah DJ that sucks with that low hardware with all these good games and online.. yeah i does suck huh? I mean its not like i payed 600 to wait a couple years for games right?

DJ4737d ago

stay on topic. Congrats. =P

OC_MurphysLaw4737d ago

This game hardly looks ugly. If you are trying to pull in the original demo from E3 that got crushed by critics you fail again... IGN gave this game a glowing preview and stated it had made a remarkable turnaround compared to when they last saw it gameplay wise...which was its big knock. just when I think you are turning the cheek and becoming a gaming fan and not a rabid fanboy you manage to kill that in one fell swoop with some over the top crackhead fanboy comment. You are better than that...I think.

Anyway...this game is going to be really good. I for one am very excited about its release.

JasonPC360PS3Wii4736d ago

Ither did you DJ you f**king gimp. Dont you have somthing you need to whine or cry about? Isn't there some sort of petition to sign or a defence group to form?

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Odion4737d ago

Both of you are mindless trolls, why not pull your head out of your a$$ and not make a baised fanboy comment, actually keep enjoying your waitstation 3, you seem to be using it a lot for that

dachiefsman4737d ago

I hope you don't mind if i borrow "waitstation 3"

Marceles4737d ago

Looks like how Final Fantasy XII would look if it was released on 360, not bad but not mind-blowing...can't wait to see more

Drew4737d ago

Am I looking at a different screenshot than everybody else, or what?

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The story is too old to be commented.