Gamasutra's Update On - Sony Answers Critics On PS3 Development Ease

Gamasutra contacted Xbox's Director of Games Platform Strategy, Andre 'Ozymandias' Vrignaud for reaction, and, while declining detailed comment, he noted:

"Sony is facing the fact the Xbox 360 (thanks to being available a year earlier) is the default development platform for almost every game studio and publisher in the industry. It's been built into the tool chain and processes, and primary development is happening on the Xbox 360 for almost every game you can find.

There's a reason why the Xbox 360 version is almost always the version shown to press and analysts for new titles – often, the PS3 version isn't even started yet, or is well behind in development."

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VirusE4739d ago

Why would anyone disagree with this statement? All news like this starts a flame war. You would have to be a tard to think otherwise.

dantesparda4739d ago

I havent read the article but i did read whats on those few paragraphs and i would have to say, that what he is saying sounds right to me

OC_MurphysLaw4739d ago

I wondered the same thing myself. How could anyone not think this article would start a flame war?

DrPirate4739d ago

Agreed: I tell both sides to stfu.

ThaGeNeCySt4739d ago

"There’s a reason why the Xbox 360 version is almost always the version shown to press and analysts for new titles"

lololol so true

"we've got our hands on the xbox360 version of _____________" - gaming publications

Bill Gates4739d ago

Sony is set to flip that around after E3-07.

Killzone 2 will set the console graphics bar so high, that the 360 wont even be able to see it.

Sangheili854739d ago

Why bill because all the gameplay they have shown so far proves it? Oh wait they haven't shown any gameplay i forgot. I think hello kitty island adventure will set the bar so graphics because Butters said so!..

If you have never seen the WOW episode of South Park ignore that last statement.

MoonDust4739d ago (Edited 4739d ago )

That's why they can't see it when they look up.

tehcellownu4739d ago (Edited 4739d ago )

The reason is because the 360 been out earlier and its easier to develope for right now.The install base is 10 who isnt smart to make games for the 360 first?? Do you know how many devlopers keeps on tellin us how the ps3 is hard to code but once they learn how to do it the results is amazing..Some devlopers just want to take the easy way out and make quick money others will always strive and challenge themself to be better.i doubt the tread will continue next year we will see more games bein made first on the ps3...also most devlopers that wants to make their games big the ps3 will be the console to choose since it provides the processing power and the necessary space..

ThaGeNeCySt4739d ago

i can't believe people disagreed with my statement AND took away a bubble when my original statement was true... wow.

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Nicosia4739d ago

What he said was true. But ofcourse both camps will tell there stuff is better, is just logic.

TruthHurts4739d ago

Sonys keeping busy lately.

Telling everyone how it is.

Nice find Da rite Feacherz.

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