Blu-ray vs. HD DVD: Sony says the war has just begun

The Utility Belt:

Sony (SNE) executives in the United States are well aware that the battle has barely begun between their Blu-ray disc format for high-definition content and rival HD DVD, they told me over lunch this week.

Randy Waynick, senior vice president of marketing in Sony's Home Products Division, said that Sony has sold somewhere in the neighborhood of 100,000 stand-alone Blu-ray disc players so far; that number does not include the hundreds of thousands of PlayStation 3 consoles that include a Blu-ray drive. That number is low enough, I told him, that it probably will be dwarfed by the number of high definition players that sell in the month of November alone. He didn't disagree. (The holiday season and its discounts will really begin to shape the HD player landscape. Note: Microsoft (MSFT) has backed HD DVD with an add-on for the Xbox 360.)

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Kokoro4801d ago

We get every day a story on each side saying " ours is better". It's getting lame,, really lame.

nobizlikesnowbiz4801d ago

It's the contributors that keep pushing these articles. They all say the same thing, just re-hashed over and over.

Please chill with these articles unless they have something new and interesting about them.

FadedDRFT4801d ago

This sh!t AGAIN!!!!!!! Bastards, twats, cu)nts and fannies, yawn......
Blu-ray wins hahahahaha

Black Republican4801d ago

I thought they said it was over a few months/weeks ago???

Leathersoup4801d ago

Yeah, I remember Sony saying the War was already over and that they'd won. Now it's just started? Amusing.

Boink4801d ago

what I was thinking...

power of Green 4801d ago

Atleast Sony's being honest so i guess its not that rehashed.

nobizlikesnowbiz4801d ago

True. Yea I may have been a little quick to dismiss this as the usual.

But damn the whole format war is getting olllddd. Someone just win already. I want to enjoy HD movies!!!!!

power of Green 4801d ago

Yah i agree it needs to be over. Although i back HD-DVD i don't watch too many movies i use Comcast On-Demand/XBL Video Marketplace for movies only owning HD-DVD players for classics like The Matrix tril and Planet Earth; epic must own discs. I don't care too much about all the average movies coming out no matter what formats its on.

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The story is too old to be commented.