Samsung 70-inch LCD TV Has Local LED Backlighting

The Samsung Intergalactic Empire keeps presenting hot models left and right. And some LCD televisions too, like this 1080p 70-inch model they introduced today in Korea, the first commercial Full HD TV ever with selective local LED backlighting. The new system, which will be sold around the world during the second half of the year, allows for some amazing features.

To start with, the local backlighting means that the TV can automagically turn off the LEDs in dark areas of the image. This not only brings deep blacks and a 500,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio but also, according to Samsung, it reduces the power consumption "by as much as 50%." It also implements LED scanning, in which "LEDs are rapidly shut off in sequence" eliminating flicker and ghosting.

Samsung has quite a bit of these technologies lined up. While this one will completely turn off the LEDs in some areas, future versions of the technology will adjust the backlighting dynamically over finer surfaces.

Click on the link to see more images.

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IBLEEDBLU4730d ago

is producing some nice LCD but i have to give my hats off to sony...they are king when it comes to TV and their new tech like OLED etc etc is just gonna make future line TV simply amazing

i have a XB3 46 and its simply stunning...even the over all design is gorgeous - the glass trim around it - the gloss black plus the led light shining on the sony name at the bottom is just something to drop ur chin when u see it mounted on the wall

if cant afford sony id properly go with samsung

PS3n3604730d ago

You do know that Sony LCD's are made by Samsung right? Samsung TV's rule so i have no doubt the Sony ones do too but Samsung will always have a better version on the floor than Sony as they keep the best and latest for their own models.

Seraphim4730d ago

if I'm not mistaken the Samsung and Sony lcd's are produced on the same line and actually the same television technically speaking. The only difference in many of their sets are the physical appearance. Made by Samsung or not I know that in fact a lot of the television are the same, just a different name and appearance...

70" Pavv? Wonder how much more this is going to be than the 70" Bravia XBR3 that costs a staggering $34k. As for the XBR3. I to have one and it's absolutely astonishing. The piano black finish and floating glass make it look elegant while the picture quality makes it beautiful and one of the best on the market amongst flat panels...

grifter0244730d ago

Oled ain't got nothing on Backlit LCd's. THis is what Ive been telling you guys, holy cow man this tv is going to be incredible! Oled yes is good but Backlit Lcd's is phenomenal to say the least. Cant wait to see this puppy in my room.

Eagle Eye4730d ago (Edited 4730d ago )

Hey snoop_dizzle its been a while. Hey I end up buying a 42 inch 720p widescreen Samsung Plasma. Thanks for the input you gave me a while back. I've been playing Call of Duty 3 and Gears of War on it since I got it. Its cool I can see the difference.

Crazyglues4730d ago

It also implements LED scanning, in which "LEDs are rapidly shut off in sequence" eliminating flicker and ghosting.

No flicker or ghosting, oh man, Now I need one of these baby's for playing MGS4 on my PS3... This is the TV I have been waiting for...

Rumor is that it is going to cost $45,000 to own.. At that price I better go see if eBay will let me sell my kidney...LoL