Liquid Nitrogen Keeps Overclocked 5GHz CPU from Cooking

Chances are you won't be seeing this kind of action from your friend's overclocked system, but the crew at Universal ABIT showed off a Core 2 Extreme X6800 CPU overclocked from 2.93GHz to 5GHz. The CPU was churning out Pi calculations while keeping cool with liquid nitrogen. The purpose was to show off their new AB9 QuadGT motherboard (and how cool liquid nitrogen can make your PC look).

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snoop_dizzle4736d ago (Edited 4736d ago )

in repaired 360s?

Then again it would probably be tooo cold.

ben hates you4736d ago

but this is amazing, to bad this probley not be out for long while, if you have liquid nitrogen put it in a glass bottol put cap on tight, run, its exactly like frag grenade but not as powerful, me and my cousin do that alo

nobizlikesnowbiz4736d ago

I always chuckle when I see you post snoop. Just because it's Sean Connery's face, with snoop_dizzle as the name. Just gets me weak.

Plus you always have a useful comment. Unlike most comments, including some of mine :).

nobizlikesnowbiz4736d ago

Couldn't all PC's and console use this type of cooling tech? It would sure solve the 360's problems.

Of course, liquid nitro is probably expensive and hard to handle. Not to mention extremely dangerous if it got released somehow. It would be a PR disaster if some kid accidentally lost some fingers or something bc they were fooling around with the cooling system.

Ps30074736d ago

Its only good for benchmarking.. Not like you could have your normal everyday computer running this...

This isnt the first time someone has done this and wont be the last..

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