White stakes out 'Castlevania'

Sylvain White has been set to direct "Castlevania," a live-action adaptation of the Konami vampire videogame that's co-produced by Rogue Pictures and Crystal Sky Entertainment. Pic will shoot late fall in South Africa and Romania. Rogue, the genre arm of Universal-based Focus Features, will co-finance and distribute in late 2008.

Deal was worth seven-figures for White, who has been in demand following the sleeper hit "Stomp the Yard." While White has deals to develop "Static" at Columbia Pictures and the Frank Miller graphic novel "Ronin" at Warner Bros., "Castlevania" will be the next film he directs.

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VirusE4739d ago

It will suck, no way around it. When will they ever learn!!!!

Covenant4739d ago

I mean, he can't be any worse than Paul W.S. Anderson...can he?

Castlevania and Ronin...if he screws up two beloved "geek" properties, I think he'll find himself with the same amount of respect that Anderson and Uwe Boll have...ZERO.

VirusE4739d ago

Yet strangely Uwe keeps funding to make movies! I just dont get it!