Why South Korea Dominates the Online World

Online gamers want to know why South Korea always dominates competitive online games, massively multiplayer online (MMO) games and gaming tournaments. Publishers desperately want to crack the Korean market, and gamers everywhere want to figure out a way to bring some of the nation's enthusiasm for gaming to their own country. In a country with a population of roughly 49 million people, about one in 20 have played MMO games. Video game competitions, many centered on Blizzard's games, especially StarCraft, air on multiple cable channels and draw audiences that pack stadiums while kinetic e-sports announcers call the action. Described as the Online Gaming Mecca, how did South Korea reach its high stature in the gaming world?

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Diselage4778d ago

It would be so weird to have gamers looking like they just came out of a boy band and having them be just as popular.

kewlkat0074778d ago

Talking about, some of the differences between Japanese online market and Koreans. Where in south Korea, online gaming Rocks. With the Exception of the "censorship", I can't imagine how well some online games would do over there.. I just didn't think the Japanese have embraced online gaming, for which FPS/MMO games have help the penetration of broadband access..

This is a good article...

I read somewhere that Koreans are up there with the most broadband penetration..

Given the "censorship" rules , if things were to ever change, this is a very big Market for online gaming development.