Call Of Duty 4 - FAQ Released

With all this flurry of COD4 info coming out this past week cod4forums thought it was about time we seen an FAQ on the game, So they made one for everyone so that you can have a greater understanding on how this game is shaping up.

If any one has any questions of there own please let cod4forums know by either making a comment or posting on the forums and they will make sure they will answer it and add to the FAQ.

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DirtyRat4738d ago

S&D in CoD4, now that will RULE!


Q15. How many players feature in Multiplayer?
A15. 32 player for PC and PS3, but only 12-16 on 360.

Buzzing lol 32 players pc /ps3

cod4forums4738d ago

Ye im confused why there is such a huge difference tbh.

Also cod4forums have updated the FAQ with these AQ's:

Q22. Will I be able to play multiplayer with other consoles? e.g playing on 360 against people playing on PC.
A22. No IW was thinking of adding such an feature but decided it wasn't suited to the COD series.

Q23. How many missions are there and what are they?
Q23. No count on how many there are but here is the latest on the levels.
1st Level- Assault on Cargo Ship (SAS)
2nd Level- Dusk Middle East street (US Elite)
3rd Level- Middle East protecting and rescueing an M1A1 tank.

Q24. How do I increase my rank and unlock my skins, equipment and abilities?
A24. Exp points are given out by playing matches, Winning matches, killing oponents and getting headshots

Q25. Will there be a demo of COD4?
A25. Yes but there has been no info on when it will be released or what it will include.

Q26. Will there be a class system similar to COD3?
A26. Yes all tho you can create your own class there will be assault, heavy, special ops, and so on..

devi8i4738d ago

The FAQ states "Fast Reload- Increase the amount of time it takes you to reload your gun." Haha I definetly do not want to unlock an ability that INCREASES the time it takes me to reload hehe

DirtyRat4738d ago

The difference is that 360 is peer to peer rather than server driven, which means effectively the host client is providing the "server" and their upload bandwidth will limit the player numbers. I am surprised that CoD3 managed 24 players tbh...still you dont need huge battles to make things fun, just look at GoW

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