Soul Calibur Legends multiplayer includes co-op

In addition to the recently revealed single player player details, Soul Calibur Legends will also include multiplayer support.

Players will be able to face off against one another and combat enemies cooperatively. Producer Jin Okubo admits that the method of implementing the multiplayer modes is still under consideration, he expects the game to use a split screen setup in order to allow players to fully become their in-game counterparts.

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ITR4170d ago

Sounds good!

Does this mean online play?

MaalDeJah4170d ago

It might but i really doubt it.

Diselage4170d ago

Wii needs all the MP games it can get.

PS360WII4170d ago (Edited 4170d ago )

that's good to hear about co-op ^^

online would be awesome

kewlkat0074170d ago

I thought they were talking about Soul Caliber Tekken tag Team was, grrrrr. So the Wii can do

I have one but I wonder...

PS360WII4170d ago

well from what I read about Mario Strikers online it's not half bad... only time will tell thou.

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