Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII scans

The original Final Fantasy VII on the PlayStation has forever become ingrained in the hearts and minds of many an RPG gamer as one of the best games ever made. These are the same people for whom Square Enix is releasing Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII for. Fans of all things Final Fantasy (referring to those who ordered the potion set, drank the liquid, and pretended to like it) are definitely not going to miss this game for the world.The game is slated to be released in Japan on September 13 with the international release hopefully following suit. Check out the scans

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AdmiralX4777d ago

Wish they would redo FF7 for the PS3 and FF6 for the PSP, maybe even FF9 for the PSP too. I have a feeling though that FF7 is really being redone right now even though square enix says otherwise. I noticed may companies have been saying one thing then do another. I wouldn't be suprised if this is one of Sony's big suprises because FF7 for PS3 would sell consoles