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tdrules3395d ago

patlike my friend is this another sourced news.
i think we all remember the cross chat fiasco.

darkmurder3395d ago

Treyarch or soemone probably will and everyone will get conned in not getting as good single player experience but a better multiplayer connection. Infinity Ward are probably working on a call of duty guitar hero $$$$ making spinoff.

AnttiApina3395d ago

So they just ended the series with cliffhanger?!

DEA Fresh3395d ago

but they never ended the story in MW2. This would have been like Bungie not making Halo 3

execution173395d ago

Guitar Warfare possibly Band Warfare

NotSoSilentBob3395d ago

Call of Hero: Band Warfare confirmed

evrfighter3395d ago

lol smart move Kotick...Every analyst working for this guy has told him that there's no way MW3 will be able to compete with Battlefield 3 as history has proven already.

With how the pc community has given IW the finger, Battlefield is set to become the next big thing. My guess is since they can't get idea's from the modding community for mw3 (since it's now non-existant) their gonna be looking into seeing what battlefield has so that they could rip them off.

I'm still not gonna buy IW's crap games.

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theEnemy3395d ago

they might drop the Call of Duty name though.

But the chances of IW next game is an FPS is very high.

execution173395d ago

of being yet another glitchfest

Lakuspakus3395d ago

The reason why it´s a glitchfest is that it has an enormous amount of players playing the game 24/7. With those kinds of numbers every single glitch is bound to be found. People are looking for every way they possibly can to win, and with 10.000.000 of lookers it´s impossible to create a foolproof game.

peeps3395d ago

i c wot ur saying but cod4 was a popular game with millions of players and yet that didn't have anywhere near the number of bugs... and lets be honest mw2 is damn similar to cod4, it's not like they completely revamped the series

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JeffGUNZ3395d ago

So, basically it's all speculation. The way they ended MW2, I can not see them NOT making a final MW.

execution173395d ago

price and soap were still alive and probably have a 2 man army possibly with some Russians and be facing off against the Americans...thats what i think anyways

JeffGUNZ3395d ago

Is that an attempt in sarcasm?

cereal_killa3395d ago

Just because IW is (supposedly) not doing MW3 does not mean Activision is killing the game all together they could easily have another developer do it I'm sure Activision has the rights to the engine built by IW.

-Alpha3395d ago

Right now they are working on DLC.

Godmars2903395d ago

Considering all the game breaking glitches, is that necessarily a bad thing?

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The story is too old to be commented.