Where are all the console MMOs?

The consoles themselves can do online-this and high-definition-that, broadband has achieved Ron Jeremy levels of penetration, and massively multiplayer games are so firmly established that you could go at them with a nail and the hammer would break. With consoles the way they are, and MMOs the way they are, surely the two should be flooding toward one another like the two sides of the Red Sea when Moses' arms got tired. And yet here we are, still twiddling our thumbs, with a stumpy release list that owes most of its content to the PC's leavings.

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TruthHurts4731d ago

MMOs take time.
GREAT MMOs take more time.

MaalDeJah4731d ago

Yeah but no one is actually working on one. Maybe a few are getting put out but thats it.

Odion4731d ago

whoever gets WoW wins all

MaalDeJah4731d ago

Eventually WoW has got to end. I havent played so i really wouldnt know thought. How good is it?

Lucidmantra4731d ago

WOW is good... To put it into perspective, no other US MMO had sold 1,000,000 copies (Lineage in Korea clamed millions of players) but no major US MMO (EQ, AC, EVE, EQ2, AO, etc. etc.) had even 500,000 subscribers. Well WOW has now over 8.5 million people paying $15 per month to play WOW.

The development costs for WOW and the expansion Burning Crusade are stated to be over 35 million dollars. The problem is that very few compnaies have that kind of bank muscle to compete with WOW. WOW can exist for years now with the market level of 100,000-200,000 subscribers due to the amount of money it is making now. Sure there would be server consolidations and the like that happens but the Catch 22 with WOW isnt that it takes forever to get to level 70 it is the fact that once you get there the game isn't even over yet, you can do many many things (arena PVP, high end game raiding, Zone PVP, Battlegrounds, crafting, etc. etc.) There is no doubt WOW is geared toward a wide audience (think... Brittney Spears of MMOs) it isnt that it isn't complicated and strategy, knowing your gear, knowing your goal, and how to play your character make it simple. It is that it doesn't ake you 9 months of grinding to get to an uber level. It is easy to level and pick up but to truely master you will put in those 7 months to be a competative PVPer.

Hope this helps...

- Lucid

dachiefsman4730d ago

I have played WOW for about 7 months....these are my opinions


The most fun I had was leveling my character.
The new patch made it easier for part-time players <myself> get epic loot.
The game allows for a lot of soloing <ie don't need a party level 90 percent of the time>
The community is excellent <get yourself into a decent guild and your experience will heighten exponentially>

The BAD:
The character customization is lacking <IE to many people look the same>
When you get to 70 getting elite loot is tough when not in a great guild.
People take the game WAY WAY WAY to seriously <getting yelled out for pulling the wrong mob>

My greatest beef: It got old for me fast I have been 70 for about 4 months now and I am bored...done the pvping...crafting....heroic dungeons....karazhan....

My greatest praise: It is a fun game to play with friends who take WOW for what it is a game. I recommend totally if you have never played an MMO.

go to http://armory.worldofwarcra...

look up Natlite on Blackhand server...

VirusE4731d ago

In hell where they belong:)

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The story is too old to be commented.