Assassin's Creed Interview by Eurogamer

One of the 2007's most anticipated games, Assassin's Creed thrusts you into the boots and four-fingered glove of a killer during the Third Crusade. Or is it? Ubisoft Montreal's figurehead for all things Assassin's is Jade Raymond, and she's not yet shedding firm light on the game's setting. Mysterious death screens and other details about main character Altair have led to all sorts of guessing. Comments about "genetic memory" upon player-death perhaps point to some sort of futuristic gene-reading technology, that absorbs recollections from captured genes, and Raymond's confirmed that Altair's no time-traveller. Still, the speculation pales next to the potential fun of hopping across rooftops in parkour-inspired free runs, evading pursuers and taking out your marks with a dagger poking out of your third knuckle. Eurogamer sat down with Raymond at UbiDays in Paris recently, as you may have seen on Eurogamer TV. What follows is the full interview transcript.

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anyone here cares about eurogamers i hate there site its crap

Blood_Spiller4802d ago

Not a fan of the site but if it's something to do with Assassin's Creed I'm all over it.


I cannot wait for this game to come out
I hope the gameplay stands up to the premise of the game though