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Few things in life can match the pleasure of slicing someone's legs off with a spinning blade. So Dark Sector, at the very least, has that going for it. Thankfully, it has plenty more besides. Taking elements of Gears of War and Resident Evil, this sits nicely in the middle ground - third-person action that mixes things up between ludicrous, head-exploding violence and careful blasting from behind cover.

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MK_Red4737d ago

Does anyone miss origina/ old/ sci fi Dark Sector? The new one looks kool but that one was more original IMO.

VirusE4737d ago

I agree but it still looks like a cool idea.

OC_MurphysLaw4737d ago

I cannot express the amount of disappointment I felt when they released the "new" version of this game. The demo trailer I saw not only let me down because of the change but honestly it let me down in terms of the visuals and apparent gameplay mechanics. I just got the feeling (same feeling I had when I saw the 1st version of timeshift) that the game was shapping up to be "run of the mill" fare.

That said...there is always hope. Timeshift certainly has shown that. So, I am hopeful this game is turning into more than what I saw before.

VirusE4737d ago

They should rename the game to Krull then it would sell like playboys in prison.