Team Ninja to do more PS3 titles

Ninja Gaiden Sigma director Yosuke Hayashi has spiritedly defended the PlayStation 3 in an exclusive interview with Eurogamer - and all but confirmed that Team Ninja will be working on further titles for the platform.

"As I said, people who complain about the difficulty of creating games for PS3 should get out, right?" Hayashi commented. "While I'm saying that kind of thing, if I get out myself, then what I say doesn't mean anything! So, I should stay - right?"

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goonerfied4802d ago

he'll make a brand new ip for ps3, I don't think NG2 will come to ps3.

goonerfied4802d ago

goonerific why are so many people disagreeing with you. the guy himself said it was exclusive for the 360. i won't believe otherwise until it comes out his mouth, but i guess people on this site are just to DAMN sensitive.

shysun4802d ago

Link to where it is exclusive to 360!

Seraphim4801d ago

If I'm not mistaken Itagaki said he wouldn't turn his back on Ninja Gaiden fans. That hardly states the game will remain XB exclusive. In all reality I think Team Ninja is going to quickly find that they have a large fan base on both platforms and decide to go multi w/ NG2. If nothing else I'd be surprised if they didn't at least release 2 at some point on the PS3... Referring to the comment about not turning his back on the Ninja Gaiden fans. If it's not already apparent, as if it wasn't apparent enough at the original release [original xbox release] there's an army of Playstation gamers who are also long time NG fans. I still play the original 2 on my NES at least once a year, and bought my xbox exclusively for Ninja Gaiden...

D R Fz4802d ago (Edited 4802d ago )

Now before this turns into a flamewar, Xbox and Sony fans remember this generation has seen many titles jump the exclusive list to go multi-platform and Ninja Gaiden 2, confirmed or unconfirmed by this interview, is no exception. Please read this article as a unconfirmed confirmation that the title might be coming to the ps3 as well. Or even better, maybe a totally new multi-platform game for all systems. But it's nothing bad, it just means more people will get to enjoy the game, period. Based on rough estimates, rather than just have 10 million users enjoy it why not 14 million or 21 million (including the wii)? That is Team Ninja's strategy and way of life in this next generation.

anh_duong4802d ago

agreed i am all for multi-platform - the only thing i am against is one manufacturer dominating the market

uHuRu4802d ago

I truly believe that Ninja Gaiden 2 will be on PS3. worst comes to worst, it will be on X360 first.

also, wooooohoooooooo, my first news.

sajj3164802d ago

I believe that the multi-platform movement will lean them toward this decision. One thing that I do respect about Team Ninja is that they will optimize the software based on the hardware its running on. I respect that ... cough, take note Ubi and EA.

SimmoUK4802d ago (Edited 4802d ago )

Thankyou team ninja for your commitment to pushing the most powerful system forward, second time around it will be easyer for them good to get a head start on other dev's...

Xi4802d ago

right keep dreaming.

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