Team Ninja considering Ninja Gaiden for Wii

Team Ninja full of Wii fans. Title would need to offer something unique.

Speaking to Pro-G at a Ninja Gaiden press event in London yesterday, producer and director, Yosuke Hayashi commented on the possibility of the much loved series making its way to the Wii.

"We would make something for the Wii if we came up with something unique that would only work on the Wii," said Hayashi when asked about a Wii version of the hardcore action title. "There are several groups within Team Ninja. The PS3 group, the Xbox 360 group, and there are Wii fans in Team Ninja."

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PS360WII4731d ago

What's up with Team Ninja? Are they broadening thier horizons? They were usually a one console type of developers.. I guess this generation IS forcing a lot of devs to go multi

ItsDubC4731d ago

Hopefully after Ninja Gaiden DS comes out, they'll have more time to ponder a Ninja Gaiden for the Wii.

MaalDeJah4731d ago

Team Ninja did Ninja Gaiden on the Xbox in their earlier stages.

PS360WII4731d ago

oh for sure. I was just pointing out that when they made Ninja Gaiden, DOA, and DOA X it was only on xbox1. Now in this generation they are puting out NG on PS3 and DS along with talks of maybe putting out more games on the PS3 and thinking of something for the Wii all while still making stuff for the 360. Just a big turn around from last gen that's all

MaalDeJah4731d ago

O well thats good on TN's part as they know that the might be even better on the PS3 and a new audience will be open on the DS so they gave it a shot to help them out.

silent ninja4731d ago

making games this gen is too expensive .this type of news should not be a suprise people. the only way we can be certain a game will be exclusive is if its published by the console maker or if its a 1st party dev

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