Second Life used to look for missing girl

Madeleine McCann, a British toddler of just four years of age, went missing several weeks ago at a Portugese resort when her parents left her sleeping alone to go and have lunch elsewhere. And now police officers are now putting virtual posters up in Second Life.

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Marty83704737d ago

Second like is a 'Pedo Paradise', sad but true. I can't see this been any help at all at finding that poor little girl.

codeazrael4737d ago

Police are hoping that someone will see one of these virtual posters and be able to identify the girl.

Silvia0074737d ago

Where exactly did they leave their child when she's sleeping? On a bench in the middle of nowhere? Geez... 4 years old and you leave a child alone. WTF were those idiots thinking! I'd say nab those retarded parents... poor little girl. When you have kids, this is by far the absolute worst fear, I swear. I have a 9 year old daughter and she doesn't even leave my sight for more then 2 seconds unless it's in my own home.

mariusmal4737d ago

sorry to say this.. but enough is enough. i feel sad for the couple but... why did they left their sons sleeping alone at night in the house and went out ? i have a son and i don't leave him alone for 5 minutes because he is young. my main point is.. lots of kids disappear all the time and cops and media don't give a damn about it. what this couple have that others dont ?

eclipsegryph4737d ago

Jesus Christ. Is this stupid family going to be this year's JonBenet or Natalee Holloway? Is there like a requirement for the number of missing white women/girls stories that the media has to run into the ground while other murders/rapes/kidnappings go unnoticed?

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