Project Sylpheed demo now available on Marketplace

Microsoft just released a brand new demo on the American and European Xbox Live Marketplace. It's a demo from the space shooter Project Sylpheed from Square Enix. The game has been in stores in Japan since last year but the exclusive Xbox 360 game will be released by the end of this month in America and Europe as well.

The demo contains one singleplayer mission wich should give you a quick taste of the space shooting experience created by Square Enix. The demo weighs just over 600MB and is available for download as of today. The full version of the game will be in stores June 29th in America and Europe.

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closedxxx4737d ago

How did I completely miss this one coming? Is it me or has it just been lying low?

BIadestarX4737d ago (Edited 4737d ago )

I dowloaded the demo... played it for 2 mins and deleted from my hard drive. Graphics are worst then PS2 graphics. Gameplay and controls sucks... This is Square's way of telling Xbox 360 owners, "[email protected]#$ you! we will not support the xbox 360 or any non Japanese console. Here have some $h!t.". Well square... I'm starting to give my purchase of a PS3 to play final fantasy some serious thought... it may be time for me to move on the final fantasy franchise and move into another. This game is insulting.

I wouldnt buy a PS3 for Final fantasy anymore... Metal Gear will have to do and warhawlk. Square is dead to me.

Diselage4737d ago

Ouch, well developers will never learn, MAKE THE DEMO GOOD

Sexius Maximus4737d ago

Square has produced nothing but garbage since the mid 90's. I hope they can regain their former glory, but Project Sylpheed sure as heel is not it.

kewlkat0074737d ago (Edited 4737d ago )

I could of swore, this game was buried. We hear a lot about the FF series. I wonder why not this game. I guess this is Square Enix, just throwing scraps at the 360. Oh yeah I wonder which "TEAM" they have working on this game?

PS360WII4737d ago

Not even Square Enix can make every single title they make pure gold. Everyone is due a boom. Lets wait for Last Remenat before we say it's Square Enix saying fu to the 360.

solidt124737d ago

Last Remanent is suppose to be a good game on the 360 and we have been hearing alot about it in the press. Maybe there is a reason Square kept this game quiet. It is not one they are happy about so don't speak on it. Last Rem will be good though so wait for it.

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The story is too old to be commented.