Sam Fisher is Bourne Again

In Splinter Cell: Conviction, Ubisoft has decided to re-imagine its much-loved franchise – less Bond and more Bourne. So what does the new game have to offer? Why did the company decide to take this grittier direction? And how will fans react to the new Sam Fisher?

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codeazrael4731d ago

Were back on the good one. What I mean is when the first splinter cell came out, it was a good game. Then the Ubisoft studio that worked on the first one passed on Pandora Tommorrow to I believe their other studio Ubisoft Shanghai while they worked on chaos theory, which was an excellent game. And it has happened again as another studio developed Double Agent while the original crew has been developing Conviction. So, I have every reason to believe that this is going to be a great game. It just seems with multiple studios working on different Splinter Cell titles that it is kinda running the franchise's stock low. I mean if Metal Gear games were released so close to each other, MGS4 wouldnt be getting near the hype it is right now. And if I'm not mistaken isnt Splinter Cell Conviction coming out this holiday season after Double Agent just released a couple of months ago?

USMChardcharger4731d ago

this is what i was saying...reminds me of Bourne Identity. i can't wait for this one. it is going to be a blast. and a nice move by ubi to keep it fresh.

Grown Folks Talk4731d ago

of this series, and i like the new direction. plus, as #1 said, the proper studio is working on it. can't wait.

Scrooge4731d ago

What are you all thinking? Pandora Tomorrow was the best one so far.

Grown Folks Talk4731d ago

except the final mission was too easy compared to the first 2 games.

Scrooge4730d ago

Chaos's gameplay and graphics were better, but I loved the story behind pandora tomorrow

Dr Pepper4730d ago

Pandora Tomorrow had a really good story line, which led to some awesome locations in the game (I really liked the train level). I think PT was a great game and I still play it.

Grown Folks Talk4730d ago

it's hard to play the first 2 after you've played chaos theory because they feel so dated. all 3 are very good however. hopefully conviction will provide some real co-op this time around unlike double agent.

Dr Pepper4730d ago

I read somewhere that co-op is being included (along with versus) but it will be a different style and storyline than the previous co-op missions...I wasn't very impressed with Double Agent overall (the first three were much better imo).

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codeazrael4731d ago

After Pandora Tommorrow came out to look just like the first Splinter Cell in my opinion, Chaos Theory came out of nowhere and just blew my mind. Even by next gen standards, Chaos Theory is not bad to be on a last generation console. And with the wii being more powerful than the original xbox, Nintendo could in fact get some decent looking games if they wanted to. But Chaos Theory to me is the best, and Conviction, I'm sure will trump Chaos Theory.

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