Woman first draft pick for professional video game league

In the inaugural draft of the Championship Gaming Series, a new professional video game league, the biggest surprise may have been first: a woman was the first player chosen. It's not, of course, that there aren't top-notch women video gamers, because there are, and many. There are even sponsored all-women teams. But it's no secret that the majority of hard-core gamers are male.

So when San Francisco OPTX General Manager Kat Hunter chose Dead or Alive player Vanessa Arteaga with the draft's first pick, a lot of people at the Playboy Mansion, where the event is being held, was caught off guard.

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Dick Jones4802d ago

Who's more marketable? Some smuck or some decent looking girl...think hard now. Only a Geek would find this shocking. Hey its a videogame league, with video game reporters and videogame enthusiasts. Darn, I must be wrong, you'd be hard pressed to find a geek in that crowd.

PortableCow4802d ago

If a woman gets picked people assume she was chosen for factors other than her skill. If a male gets picked he's automatically skilled. I don't see how a person's sex would matter one bit in video game competitions unless you had to first give birth to your controller. Then guys would be hosed.