More Home Beta Invites

According to a post on the PS3Forums, more Home Beta Invites have gone out.

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solidt124240d ago

Im gonna check mine as soon as i get home.

Snake_Doctor4240d ago

I checked my email about 3 weeks ago and they told me I was in. I would like to see the warhawk beta but probably wont happen.

PS360WII4240d ago

doggonit and I'm already at work... guess I'll have to wait and see :(

Watkins4240d ago

Nope .. Not today either

yocdub4240d ago

But for most of us who recently got it are not on the active list yet even though we got the beta. I'm just glad WARHAWK is awesome now with the patch wich fixes alot of bugs. Plus The Darkness is soon on its way. I'm very pleased with my PS3.

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The story is too old to be commented.