Heavy Rain Collector's Edition will not be sold in the US

VG247: Looks like Americans hoping to get their hands on the nice-looking Heavy Rain Collector's Edition will have to import it.

"We will not be carrying this in the US," a SCEA rep confirmed to VG247 today.

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remanutd553572d ago

oh well , just give me a released date sony , i really want to play the game

KingTavy3572d ago

I would've dropped the cash for it. Release date is needed also

SnuggleBandit3572d ago

wtf!!!!!!!! this is gay!!!!!!!!

no uncharted special edition, no god of war trilogy, now no heavy rain collector's!???

im officially ticked off...

Tony P3572d ago

Sucks, but whatever.

Europe almost never gets better than America in gaming. Enjoy some preferential treatment for a change.

Raf1k13572d ago (Edited 3572d ago )

At least you guys get Demon's Souls and other games that Atlus does for the US.

It's silly that the US doesn't get Heavy Rain Collector's edition but Europe misses out on quite a bit too.

edit: Anyone know what the collector's edition will include? For all I know the Americans might not be missing out on much.

shadowwizard3572d ago

Dynamic Theme
First DLC for free
"Rain-effect" slipcase

znu3572d ago

aside from final fantasy 13 versus and kingdom hearts 3

this is the only game im reallly looking forward to =D

chewmandinga3572d ago

Finally some Euro exclusive stuff.

Sort of makes up for Demon's Souls, God of War Collection, Redi Evil 2 & 3, Abe's Oddysee / Exodus...

Not that i'm bitter about not having them yet...the option to import is always there.

It's the same price as the regular edition on HMV's website, so i'm definately upgrading.

FarEastOrient3572d ago

So where can I import this thing?

tomsau3572d ago

They don't miss out on much... They get the same 1st downloadable episode free as a pre order gift
The soundtrack is digital anyway
The theme will most likeley be released in a different way there, eg as premium content or in qore
The only thing they're missing out on is the cool cover, and there's always a chance that it'll be another preorder gift or something :P

And also, we (the EU) don't miss out on the god of war trilogy
it's already been confirmed on the EU ps blog that we're getting the pandoras box edition at the very least, so even if we don't get the collection as a standalone game, we can atleast still get it through the pandoras special edition

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Somnipotent3572d ago

meh, whatever. i'm more interested in the GoW3 and GT5 special editions anyway.

maverick11913572d ago

on it says 26th feb but say march 26th ive ordered it off play anyway

negative_03572d ago

Would accept US currency? If not, are there any other sites like playasia? I'd really like to get the collector's edition.

tomsau3572d ago

Incase you didn't read the article, or just overlooked it

It's actually a HMV exclusive
and they will ship internationally
you can find shipping information here;

Myst3572d ago

*falls on knees with arms by his side and tears streaming down his face*

Doshite....dooshite!?! ( why? Why!?! )

I was asking my friends who worked at Gamestop to tell me when it comes in their system not it looks like I won't be able to get that soundtrack.

Tetsuryu3572d ago (Edited 3572d ago )

That is a shame, I was also looking forward to the soundtrack. To be honest, I was hoping Angelo Badalamenti would return for this title, but that doesn't appear to be the case. I'm sure it'll turn up on torrent; just saying. :D

Myst3572d ago

Yeah sadly I'll probably have to resort to that as well :/ unless someone I know gets it and sends it to me.

RememberThe3573572d ago

Suck it SCEA! I know you got us the God of War Collection, but that doesn't matter now!

These guys won't even get up different colored PS3s.

lol I probably wouldn't have bought it anyway :)

bjornbear3572d ago

yeah but europe didn't get Demon Souls and GOW collection, two of the best releases in 2009! =(

talk about unfair eh =(

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