Call of Duty 4 interview: Environmental destruction, PC/360 multiplayer interoperability

There are a number of huge trends in modern videogames, and two of the biggest are undoubtedly sandbox gameplay and the move towards fully destructible environments. In a recent interview with IGN AU, however, Grant Collier, the Studio Head of Infinity Ward - the development team behind the massively successful titles Call of Duty 1 and 2, as well as the upcoming Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare - told IGN that they're not sold on either trend.

Collier also commented on the fact that there will be no PC/360 multiplayer interoperability in Call of Duty 4, saying that the team's response to the Live Anywhere proposal was simply to say "no way".

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peksi4777d ago

but the article says NO PC/360 multiplayer interoperability. Please correct.

TnS4777d ago

I think the title is correct, because it says the interview contains information about that.

tony4777d ago

nice. when is coming out?

QUNE4777d ago

Is Shadowrun PC/360 multiplayer interoperability working very well? I've heard good and bad things about that game. If COD 4 was to do PC/360 multiplayer interoperability, I really hope its well thought out first.

Boink4777d ago

sounds just lazy to me.

still COD is an awesome series and I will pick it up regardless:)

BIadestarX4777d ago

I tell you what though.... Regarding, "PC/360 multiplayer interoperability". If I am presented with 2 great games and one of the supports PC/360 multiplayer interoperability and the other does not. I pick the one that does. PC/360 multiplayer interoperability is one of those features that though it's not a must have like (Rumble, HD, etc) in a AAA game. But when two AAA games are compared head to head... are the little things that make people decide which one is better.
Having this feature wouldn't kill anyone... it's optional.. and if I don't want to use it then I dont... Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare developers decided for me... how I should play my games... thanks.

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