Sony and Blu-Ray pull a fast one -- free content!

According to an article over at T3, a leaked Sony document details a few secrets about the PS3 and its internal Blu-Ray player. The Playstation 3 will be one of Sony's first pieces of hardware to use the "BD Live" technology, which allows Blu-Ray players (not limited to the PS3 -- most Blu-Ray players will incorporate this technology given a year or two) to go online and download new content whenever a disc is inserted.

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shotty6516d ago (Edited 6516d ago )

If it's called BD Live expect a huge lawsuit from Microsoft for trademark infrigment. Microsoft is a huge company made up of lawyers, the last thing sony needs is Microsofts putting them in court. Especially trademark infrigment, Sony would lose for sure. "Live" is a microsoft term for online/connected, (xbox live, windows live, live marketplace, live anywhere, live arcade). Sony get your own catch phrase. If they do use live I hope microsoft sues the hell out of them and makes Krazy Ken live on the street along with the rest of the dishonest sony execs. It's one thing to copy technology and it's another to copy their name expecially if it's the same product. Imagine if I made my own drink and called it Pepsi, I doubt Pepsi Corp. would take it kindly. You don't see other companies putting "i" infront of their products to copy apple.

jedicurt6515d ago

iRiver put the i infront of it, and apple already lost that law suit

The_Firestarter6515d ago

in which a stupid chair was called the iJoy, it's so, grrr

LiamFly6515d ago

It's OK to say that this looks like a lawsuit in the making, but you should wait and see before you start getting upset. If Microsoft decides to sue, so be it. But none of us are lawyers here so Sony may be in the clear.

Also, these products are not the same. There is no "stolen technology" here. Microsoft did not invent the Internet and they did not invent Blu-Ray. Nor did they invent video games. But like the article says, this is much more about Blu-Ray than it is about PS3. BD Live is a general feature of Blu-Ray and all Blu-Ray players will be compatible.

THIRDLY, I'm unsure, after reading the article again, whether BD LIVE is the actual name of this technology or whether it's a name used by the article writter of this site. Notice that the name appears in quotes.

And lastly, why are Xbox owners defending HD DVD and bashing Blu-Ray? The Xbox 360 uses first generation DVDs! This is about home video entertainment, not video games.

Aflac6516d ago

Microsoft should sue the hell outta them for this outrage! SONY, WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO ORIGINALITY?!

HyperBear6516d ago

You know, I thought PS3 was gonna be sweet, i mean even with the 659 price, i wasnt that upset, cause its almost like getting a gaming computer, for half the price of a blu-ray player. But over the past serveral months, ever since E3 2006 Press Con., all theres been for PS3 is bad, bad, more bad, terribly bad, and just plain dumb bad news. This, if true and were to happen with the PS3, would be plain retarded dumb thing Sony ever did for PS3. If sony doesnt start originating with their own ideas, instead of copying everyone else, then why should we buy a over-priced product, that just uses the same things in Xbox 360 and Wii, when we can get 2 consoles for the price of one. Sony, I thought the PS3 was gonna revolutionize gaming to the likes of which we have never seen before. but if all you do is take the ideas and names of your rivals consoles, then your not being creative or original. SONY, GIVE US SOME GOOD NEWS FOR A CHANGE. You should really go back to the drawing board, and try to make it original as possible, different from the 360 and Wii, and maybe you'll get more fan support, other than companys suing you and making you lose more money, and take more loans. STOP WITH THE BAD, RESTART WITH THE GOOD. TRY AND GET RESPECTED AGAIN.

Legionaire20056515d ago

The PS3 should of revolutionizes gaming with original ideas that stand out, instead of that we got a system that's a copy of everything plus a added internal Blue-ray to boost up the price tag. Before I even think about buying a PS3 first people need to see if it's worth every penny.

achira6516d ago

what bs. only if they us the word BD live they dont brake the laws. live is not a word invented by ms ! and especially not BD live. iPod is someting different! when they would use BD iPod then i would agree. its only factilious alarm from you.

Aflac6515d ago

...your beloved idol of a company is liable to be sued for copyright infringement now, they've lost their sense of originality altogether. cry me a river, build a bridge and get over it.

shotty6515d ago

Trust it not something stupied like "i". Microsoft uses "live" for all it's new products. The product that sony is selling is also the same as microsofts product. Some basically sony is trying to pass off their products as Microsofts. We all know that Microsoft and Nintendo aren't too happy with all this copying lately. I am figuring both Microsoft and Nintendo as ready huge lawsuits that would be filed Nov 17,2007. It's exactly like me making a search engine and calling it google. Sony get your own pharse you cheap basta**s