Rumored PS Store Content for 01/07/10

PlayStation LifeStyle's Weekly Rumored PS Store Content for 01/07/10. Check out what the first PS Store update of 2010 has to offer.

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Sev5283d ago

I almost put 01/07/09 as the date. Thankfully I caught myself.

Fair-Play5283d ago

Any word on when Final Fantasy 8 is coming to the European PSN store, more interested in that to be honest.

Theonik5282d ago (Edited 5282d ago )

Unfortunately no. The Eu hardly gets any good PS1 games on the store. (with the exception of guilty gear this week and some others) I would recommend getting FF8 from the US store instead. PM me if you need any help as to how you can obtain US PSN cards. (I know a site that e-mails the codes and they use paypal too)

Myst5283d ago

Ah, I had been waiting for this, hopefully the Borderlands DLC does arrive this week.

Sev5283d ago

Glad to know you guys still anticipate this week after week.

jut4205283d ago

Man I can't wait for Hustle Kings to come out in the states. I've been excited for Dead Nation since I first saw a trailer for it. Really like the concept of a worldwide map and I can't wait to play that game. Held off on getting Zombie Apocalypse for Dead Nation, hopefully it's worth the wait.

mrv3215283d ago

I like your site, really impressive. I find it very handy I hope for the Dark Void demo because I'd like to try it out, I have a feeling I'll be disapointed.

Sev5283d ago

@ mrv321, thanks for the compliment. You are welcome to visit anytime you'd like! Make sure to bookmark us.

Myst5283d ago

Of course, I usually use the rumored stuff to see how I will balance my money for PSN and what not. To be honest I wasn't to sure if it was coming this week, but glad it did :)

SuperStrokey11235283d ago

Hope they put together a Borderlands DLC bundle this week, id be all over that.

Ratchet_Co5283d ago

Your site is awesome, keep up the great work.

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Son_Lee5283d ago

Slim Pickings for me. But it's growing more and more apparent I need to pick up Borderlands. Gonna rent it after I beat Bayonetta.

DoucheVader5283d ago

Yeah the End of Year Updates were strong so I wasn't expecting a huge update this week. Borderlands DLC will be fun!

mrv3215283d ago

Dark Void demo is something you should consider checking out, in my opinion it'll be no Uncharted 2, Halo or MW2 nor will it be mediocore just something in the middle really.

PLUS Nikola Tesla... WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT FROM A STORY. AN ACTUAL SCIENTIST! I mean for so long we've been stuck with scientist come super men but finally a man of science in a video game.

He came up with the idea of wireless energy... pretty cool he also invented the radio.

solidt125283d ago (Edited 5283d ago )

I can't wait to play Dark Void Demo. I think the demo is what's going to help this games sales with word of mouth. If the gameplay is as good as it looks it will catch on.

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