Ninja Gaiden Sigma demo on Euro PS Store soon

Eidos reveals that European PlayStation 3 owners should be able to download a playable demo in around two weeks.

Speaking to Pro-G today at a European Ninja Gaiden Sigma press event, Eidos Interactive has revealed that before the game is released in July, European gamers should be on the look out for a playable demo.

Although unable to offer a precise date for the demo, our man in the field was informed that it should be hitting the European PlayStation Store in about two weeks.

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shyam1520074737d ago

like we havent already downloaded it from the US store!

Satanas4737d ago

Man, I was impatient. I got the Jap version. Only problem = No decapitations on that version.

Fart_Bubbles4737d ago

that you fellas had to wait this long for the demo, me thinks it has to do with all the languages it had to be translated to.

time2die4737d ago

Like shyam152007 says people have already downloaded it from other stores.

The whole Playstation Europe store crap is tedious and boring and has no content even considering downloading.

Like i want to download a music video of bruce springfield or some retro game from 20 years ago.

Get real Sony and give us next generation demo and give them us the same time as everyone else.

Give Europe something First and watch how Quick the Americans complain.

Biphter4737d ago

We got that first! YAAAAY!

But seriously, the Euro store is depressing. It seems like that will change soon, but even the stuff coming is nothing on what I expected PSN to be like. I want at LEAST 10 PS1 games a month, and good ones not random how it seems now. 1 big classic a month isnt much to ask for amongs them either (Where the F is FFVII??). I also want more demos, hell even Xbox live had 3 times more than PSN has now at the same time frame of release. Bring out more classics, and GOOD ones, what the hell was Q*Bert? A desperate attemt to get content up? MK is at least a little better, but if the retro stuff is going to compete with PC MAME, then there is a LOOOONG road ahead..... And lastly roll on the Streaming/Downloadable TV/Film/Music service!

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The story is too old to be commented.